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If you have an expired OWWA membership and are currently looking for information on how to process the renewal in South Africa, this is for you. Overseas Filipino Workers are protected by life insurance if they apply for membership and keep their account active. OFWs with present employment abroad are qualified to renew their OWWA status and claim a lot of benefits and assistance programs in the long run.

Every two years, you need to update your account by submitting all the documentary requirements set by the designated Migrant Workers Office on your job site. In addition, you must also pay the membership fee in the local currency based on the current foreign exchange rate of US$25. It’s important to inquire about the appointment policy of the office you are visiting to get a smooth transaction.

owwa membership renewal in South Africa

Requirements for OWWA in South Africa

As mentioned, you are required to show proof of active employment in South Africa to renew your OWWA account. Whether you obtained work using your visit visa or partnered with a recruitment agency in the Philippines, the qualifications that you need to meet are the same. Unfortunately, you cannot apply or renew your status if you are terminated, canceled, or resigned.

Here’s a complete list of the necessary documents that you need to submit when processing your application or renewal:

  • Valid Philippine passport with the data page, photo, and signature
  • Duly accomplished OFW Information Sheet or OWWA Membership Form
  • Copy of any relevant proof of current employment abroad such as company ID, Certificate of Employment, Employment Contract, work permit, Permit to Stay, latest payslip, or other similar documents
  • Membership fee payment equivalent to US$25

OWWA Fees and Payment Process

Unlike other insurance products, you can renew your OWWA membership every two years to continue claiming the benefits. For OFWs in South Africa, the payment for the renewal is equivalent to US$25 in ZAR based on the current foreign exchange rate. The validity is the same regardless of your recruitment agency, job site, contract duration, or change of employer. Make sure to renew your account before it expires to avoid getting disqualified from claiming assistance, especially during emergencies.

For the payment process, you can pay the membership fee either online or on-site. You can do it using the OWWA Mobile App or by visiting the Philippine Embassy or designated MWO office. You must submit all the requirements for evaluation. If you qualify, that’s the only time you can proceed with your payment. The instructions will depend on your chosen payment methods including over-the-counter payment center, e-wallet, or bank.

If you’re processing the membership payment online, you can easily do so by using the OWWA Mobile app. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Download the mobile app and register your account. You need to provide an email address to get the temporary login information.

Step 2: Check the email sent to you and use the email and password to log in to the app on your phone.

Step 3: After logging in to the new account, select the Information tab on the lower side.

Step 4: You can view your status whether your membership is still active or already inactive.

Step 5: For inactive users, choose Renew Membership Here, then click to accept the Terms of Service.

Step 6: Check your employment information and update any details if needed.

Step 7: Next is the LandBank payment page. Tap on the Payment Option and click on the payment method available to you.

Step 8: Save your reference number, then follow the instructions to pay the membership contribution.

Step 9: Get your electronic receipt or take a photo of the transaction for future reference.

Procedure for Getting OWWA South Africa Appointment

If you need the latest information on booking an OWWA appointment in South Africa, you can reach out to the Philippine Embassy in Pretoria. The reason for this is that they don’t have a designated MWO office in the country. Also, there’s no online appointment system available for OFWs renewing their account. So make sure to contact the concerned office to get current information regarding appointment booking.

Meanwhile, there is a nearby MWO office that you can visit in Rabat to get help with your membership application. You can direct your questions and other related concerns to them so that you can process our renewal in no time. Other convenient ways to renew your account are through the mobile app and at any DMW branch near you.

How to Renew OWWA Membership in South Africa

While there’s not much information on renewing OWWA accounts for OFWs in South Africa, you can get further details from the Philippine Embassy in Pretoria. You may check out their official Facebook page or website to find the latest updates. The Embassy also conducts Consular Outreach Mission services in different parts of the country to help OFWs keep their OWWA status active.

Now, if you’re currently in the Philippines and you want to process your renewal there, you can do so by visiting the OWWA Regional Office or DMW near you. If not, you may contact your recruitment agency to get help in renewing your account. But there’s another way to conveniently renew your OWWA, through the mobile app.

Video: How to Renew OWWA Membership Using New OWWA Mobile App

In this video, you’ll get a comprehensive guide on how to renew your OWWA membership with the help of the mobile app. It introduces all the requirements you need to submit, how to process the payment online, and other helpful tips to avoid any hassle.


Now you’re ready to process your OWWA membership in South Africa with this simple guide. Make sure to secure all the requirements, or contact the concerned office if you’re not sure what type of documents to provide. Keep in mind that any incomplete documentary requirements will not be processed.

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