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Indonesia is one of the most OFW-friendly places in Asia because of its culture and tradition that is relatable to Filipinos. Aside from its proximity to the Philippines, this country also provides fair treatment to Overseas Filipino Workers according to Philippine and Indonesian labor laws and guidelines. If you’re currently working abroad and you want to maximize your benefits, it’s important to apply for an OWWA membership today.

Whether you’re a new OFW or have been in and out of the country for a while now, you should consider activating your OWWA account and renewing it to enjoy all the benefits, services, and programs. Active members can also access some special projects that OWWA exclusively offers to those who renew their status every two years. Make sure you have all the requirements before scheduling an appointment or processing an on-site application.

owwa membership renewal in Indonesia

Requirements for OWWA in Indonesia

OWWA membership renewal is only open for OFWs with an active employment status in Indonesia. You should have an ongoing contract and can provide proof of employment to process your renewal at the nearest MWO office in your area. On the other hand, terminated or resigned OFWs are not qualified to apply for or renew their OWWA account.

According to the MWO offices in Malaysia and Singapore, here are the required documents that you need to submit for your OWWA renewal processing in Indonesia:

  • Proof of current employment such as company ID, Employment Contract, work permit, payslip, Certificate of Employment, or other documents that prove present employment overseas
  • Duly accomplished OWWA Membership Form or OFW Information Sheet
  • Copy of a valid Philippine passport including the data page, photo, and signature
  • Copy of the Certificate of Oath for dual citizen applicants
  • OWWA payment fee equivalent to US$25 in IDR

OWWA Fees and Payment Process

The current payment for the OWWA membership fee is the equivalent of US$25 in IDR based on the actual foreign exchange rate. When you update your account and pay the contribution, you will get a validity of two years for claiming benefits and programs. All active members will have access to these benefits regardless of their agency, job site, or years of contract.

With three options for the application process for OFWs in Indonesia, there are also three ways to settle the contribution fee. If you apply through the on-site program, you also need to pay the amount on-site during your appointment. The following are the steps for paying the membership fee via the On-site OWWA Membership Program:

Step 1: Go to MWO Singapore’s official website or visit the appointment system through this link: https://polosingapore.dole.gov.ph/owwa-membership/. You can visit the MWO Malaysia office as a walk-in if you want.

Step 2: Take a photo or print a copy of the transaction and bring it as proof of your confirmed appointment on your scheduled visit.

Step 3: Proceed to the OWWA window and present the required documents for the evaluation process.

Step 4: Once confirmed, you can now pay the contribution amount and get your renewal receipt.

To process your payment via the mobile app, you can settle the fee using your online bank, over-the-counter payment center, or e-wallet. Don’t forget to claim your electronic receipt which is required to get the original copy of the official receipt from MWO. If you’re having a vacation in the Philippines, you can contact the nearest DWM office in your area or the OWWA Regional office to get an appointment and process your renewal payment.

Procedure for Getting OWWA Indonesia Appointment

Every MWO office around the world has its own appointment policies so make sure to inquire about this before you decide to renew your OWWA status. In Indonesia, you won’t find a designated OWWA office or online appointment system to book a schedule for your on-site application. However, you may contact the Philippine Embassy in Jakarta’s official website to get updates on the actual procedure for getting an OWWA appointment online.

Some of the concerned offices you can contact regarding your application include your recruitment agency, MWO offices in Malaysia and Singapore, and DMW or the OWWA Regional office if you’re currently in the Philippines. Make sure to ask them beforehand whether they accept walk-in applicants or require booking an appointment.

How to Renew OWWA Membership in Indonesia

Filipino migrant workers in Indonesia who want to renew their OWWA account have several options to process their requirements. Both MWOs in Malaysia and Singapore offer on-site application programs to facilitate OFWs during the process. You can also check out the official website of the Embassy in Jakarta to get assistance with your OWWA renewal.

OFWs are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the current application process by contacting these offices for more information. But if you want a more convenient way to renew your account regardless of where you are, you can rely on the OWWA Mobile App. You can download the app on your phone and register an OWWA account so you can access the features and apply for membership online.

Video: How to Renew OWWA Membership Online

In this video, you just need to use the OWWA mobile app and choose your job location to renew your account. Fill out the application form and follow the instructions for the payment process. You can use your LandBank account to settle the payment and don’t forget to get your receipt after the whole process. There are helpful tips for the actual procedure so it should be easy peasy for you.


Now that you have learned how to process OWWA membership renewal in Indonesia, you can confidently renew or apply for an account using this guide. Remember that incomplete requirements will not be processed, so you must secure all the documents before submitting them for evaluation. More importantly, wait for the confirmation before you proceed to the payment process to renew your OWWA status.

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