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It’s important for all Overseas Filipino Workers to renew their OWWA memberships so they can benefit from all the programs and services offered by OWWA to OFWs across the globe. In Oman, you can easily process your application or renewal of account by securing some required documents and submitting them to the OWWA office in Muscat.

For a small fee, you can benefit from a two-year coverage which includes benefits and financial assistance for you and your dependents in the Philippines. It’s highly advised to renew your OWWA at least three months before it expires to continue enjoying the benefits and avoid the rush. If you’re looking to renew your account today, here are a few steps to follow for the renewal and payment.

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Requirements for OWWA in Oman

To become an active member, you need to be currently employed abroad. Aside from that, you must prepare all the required documents to renew your OWWA. Here are the minimum requirements you need to complete in order to process your account:

  • Duly accomplished OWWA Membership Form or OFW Information Sheet
  • Copy of valid passport
  • Two copies of Contract Verification or Certificate of Employment
  • Certification from the employer or company that verifies the OFW is not terminated, resigned, canceled, or due for termination
  • Payment of 10 Omani Rials for the membership fee

OWWA Fees and Payment Process

It only costs 10 Omani Rials to apply or renew OWWA for OFWs working in Oman. This is in exchange for financial programs and other benefits during a crisis. In addition, it also entitles you to get scholarships for you or your qualified beneficiaries. Active members can also enjoy some exclusive benefits that are not available to non-active members. From a small amount, you can take advantage of a wide range of benefits in the long run.

Other fees can also be paid while renewing OWWA, but it depends on the employment status of the OFW. You may pay for OEC processing or Contract Verification at the OWWA office in Oman. To settle these payments, bring all the required documents and have them checked by the OIC. Proceed to the payment window and make sure to get your official receipt right after.

Procedure for Getting OWWA Muscat Appointment Online

According to the official OWWA-Oman website, they don’t require an appointment for OFWs who want to renew their account. You can bring your requirements and walk into the office to update your OWWA status. When you’re inside the premises, fall in line until you reach the payment window. Don’t forget to get your receipt in case you need it in the future.

On the other hand, you will need to make an appointment before visiting the office if you’re applying for OEC as Balik Manggagawa or returning to OFW. In this case, you need to be an active OWWA member. However, rules may change from time to time so make sure to check with the Philippines Embassy in Oman regarding their appointment requirements for OWWA renewal.

How to Renew OWWA Membership in Oman

Whether you’re applying for or renewing your account in the OWWA-Oman office, below is a step-by-step guide you need to follow:

Step 1: Download a copy of the OWWA Membership Form by clicking on this link http://polomuscatoman.weebly.com/owwa-membership-info.html, you can find the OFW Information Sheet at the bottom.

Step 2: Print out the OWWA Membership Form in PDF format, and then fill out the first section with your OR number, OR date, validity, and date. Double-check the details to avoid errors and problems in the future.

Step 3: In the Personal Data section, provide all the details including your first name, middle name, last name, home address in the Philippines, date of birth, contact number, highest educational attainment, and course.

Step 4: Complete the required details under the Contract Particulars including your employer’s name, business address, job site or country, telephone number, monthly salary and currency, position, contract duration, and agency name, if any.

Step 5: The next section you need to fill out is the Legal Beneficiaries/Qualified Dependents. Complete the name, relationship, address, date of birth, and contact number or email address.

Step 6: Review all the information you’ve provided, then put your signature below to certify all details are correct and accurate.

Step 7: Secure two copies of the duly accomplished OWWA Membership Form when visiting the OWWA office near the Philippine Embassy.

Remember that the office is only open between 8 am and 3 pm, from Sunday to Thursday. Plan ahead before going to the office, especially during peak times when more OFWs are renewing their accounts.

Video: Philippine Embassy and POLO OWWA in Muscat, Oman

In this video, you will learn about all the steps and requirements when renewing OWWA membership in Muscat, Oman. It also includes some helpful tips for using the OWWA app to process your application or renewal. You will see how the entire procedure works and get an idea of what to expect and do during your visit to the OWWA-Oman office beside the Philippine Embassy.


Now that you have all the information you need to apply or renew your account, you can benefit more from the OWWA services and programs for OFWs around the world. Working as an OFW abroad is not permanent so make sure that you are covered in case you have medical emergencies or need financial aid from the government due to crisis or cancellation.

Secure all the requirements before going to the OWWA office in Muscat, which is beside the Philippine Embassy. No need to set an appointment online as they accept walk-ins as long as you have complete documents to submit. More importantly, prepare for the OWWA fees that you need to settle before you can apply for or renew your account.

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