How to Process OWWA Membership in Amman, Jordan

The Migrant Workers Office in Amman is dedicated to Overseas Filipino Workers in Jordan who want to renew their OWWA membership and process other government contributions. If you are a bit far from the MWO-Amman office, you can check out the outreach missions conducted by the Philippine Embassy that provides renewal services and other related transactions to OFWs in other areas.

The friendly relationship between the Philippines and Jordan started in 1976 when Carlos P. Romulo signed an agreement with the Prime Minister of Jordan. The OWWA in Jordan was established to ensure that OFWs are protected in terms of their rights according to Jordanian and Philippine labor laws, standards, rules, and agreements in the employment contract. To renew your account, you need to complete the requirements and pay the contribution fee.

owwa membership application renewal in jordan

Requirements for OWWA in Jordan

Proof of active employment is one of the main requirements of OWWA renewal. It’s important to complete the required documents because your application will not be processed if there are missing requirements. Once you have completed all the documents, you can proceed to the payment process. Being an active member entitles you to a lot of benefits including welfare benefits to help OFWs during difficult times.

The following are the renewal requirements you need to submit:

  • Duly accomplished OFW Information Sheet or OWWA Membership Form
  • Copy of valid Philippine passport with full name, signature, and photo
  • Copy of Certificate of Employment or employment contract
  • Payment for the contribution fee

Another important thing to consider when renewing your account is your attire, make sure to wear something decent as you will face OWWA employees during your processing day. Also, make sure all your documents are accurate and there are no errors that may delay the verification process. Any incomplete requirements will not be processed and may be returned to your address.

OWWA Fees and Payment Process

The fee for OWWA renewal is JOD 18 or the equivalent of US$ 25 based on the current foreign exchange rate. It’s important to wait for the confirmation after submitting all the requirements before you can proceed to payment. Each paid contribution has a validity of two years regardless of your job site, contract duration, recruitment agency, or change of employer. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to renew your account at least three months before it expires to stay active and eligible for the benefits.

Here are the steps for paying the OWWA fee during your visit to the OWWA office in Amman. Jordan:

Step 1: Go to Hay-diyar Dier Ghabarin Amman where the OWWA office is currently located.

Step 2: If an appointment is required, show a copy of your confirmed appointment to the security officer at the gate. Otherwise, walk-ins can proceed to the OWWA window to renew their account.

Step 3: You may be asked to fill out a form. Make sure to get your number and wait until you are called.

Step 4: At the OWWA window, submit your requirements for verification.

Step 5: Go to the payment counter and pay the fee.

Step 6: Get your receipt once it’s ready for release.

Procedure for Getting OWWA Jordan Appointment Online

As of this writing, the MWO office in Amman, Jordan does not require clients to get an appointment prior to their visit. In other words, you can head directly to the office to renew your OWWA or process other government requirements. If you’re waiting for the outreach mission, make sure to check out their Facebook page and website in order to see the schedules for OWWA renewal.

You can reach out to the OWWA-Amman office to see whether they have changed their rules when it comes to booking appointments. From time to time, policies are updated so you need to ensure that you are on the right track when processing your renewal requirements in Jordan.

How to Renew OWWA Membership in Amman, Jordan

When renewing your OWWA account, you can either go directly to the MWO office in Amman to process your requirements or wait for the consular outreach mission that the Philippine Embassy will conduct in your area. Since Jordan is a big country with only one OWWA office where OFWs can access government services, the outreach missions make it easier to renew accounts without going to the actual office.

To check for the latest announcements regarding the upcoming outreach events of OWWA near you, you can follow the official Facebook page of the Philippine Embassy in Jordan at

During the scheduled event, make sure to prepare all the requirements that you need to submit. Also, you need to dress appropriately during your appearance as you will deal with government representatives. Remember that new members will become eligible to claim the benefits and services after three months of application.

Video: Attention for OFW: Paano Mag Renew ng OWWA Membership

In this video, you can get some helpful tips on how to renew your OWWA account online. It provides all the steps you need to take when applying for or renewing your membership using the mobile app. In addition, you can have an idea of the actual process for renewal as well as the requirements you need to submit during your visit to the MWO office.


Now that you have an idea of how to renew your OWWA account in Amman, Jordan, make sure to keep it active so that you can claim all the benefits and services, especially during a crisis. Being an active member entitles you to some special programs that not all OFWs can benefit from without a membership.

This life insurance will save you in times of need while ensuring that your family is also protected from unexpected events. If you haven’t thought of applying for an OWWA account, this is your reminder to visit the MWO office and register. You may use the OWWA Mobile App to register or renew your account for more convenience.

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