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It’s important for Overseas Filipino Workers to apply for OWWA membership and renew it every two years to be eligible to claim benefits, assistance, and programs. Active OWWA members are entitled to many opportunities as well as special services that not all OFWs can enjoy. If you acquired employment in Thailand with your visit visa, you are also welcome to process your OWWA to get additional protection during difficult times.

As an active member, you can maximize the livelihood and educational programs that your dependents in the Philippines can also take advantage of. The main goal of this life insurance is to improve the lives and career opportunities of OFWs across the globe. But before anything else, you need to secure all the required documents and meet the qualifications to process your OWWA application and renewal in Bangkok, Thailand.

owwa membership application renewal in Thailand

Requirements for OWWA in Thailand

OFWs in Thailand need to submit a list of requirements to renew their membership and stay active. Whether you want to enjoy training benefits, repatriation programs, scholarships, loans, or participate in livelihood projects, you need to complete the required documents including proof of active employment to qualify for the renewal process.

According to the Philippine Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand’s official website, OFWs should reach out to the OWWA office in Kuala Lumpur to renew their OWWA status. Here are the requirements that you need to prepare if you’re planning to process your OWWA renewal in Thailand:

  • Duly accomplished OWWA Membership Form or OFW Information Sheet
  • Copy of a valid Philippine passport with data page, photo, and signature
  • Proof of active employment such as latest payslip, company ID, Certificate of Employment, OWWA-verified Employment Contract, work permit, residence permit, Philippine insurance application with the signature of employer, or any other employment document
  • Declaration of Intent to Join the OWWA
  • For dual citizens, copy of the Oath of Allegiance authenticated by the Consulate or Philippine Embassy, or sworn petition for citizenship reacquisition
  • Payment for the contribution fee

OWWA Fees and Payment Process

The OWWA fee for renewing membership in Thailand is the equivalent of US$25 in Thai baht based on the current foreign exchange rate. You need to complete all the renewal requirements and submit them before you can proceed to the payment process. You will receive a confirmation email once your documents have been approved.

Upon the request approval, you need to pay the contribution amount at the payment counter or preferred online payment method. In fact, you don’t need to visit Malaysia to apply or renew your account since you can use the On-Site Membership Program or OSMP. You just need to reach out to OWWA-Kuala Lumpur and state your intent to become an OWWA member.

You need to scan your requirements and include them in your request. To pay for your OWWA, do these steps below:

Step 1: Contact the OWWA office in Kuala Lumpur to get the latest updates on the process of application.

Step 2: Prepare all the required documents.

Step 3: Write a message about your intention in renewing or applying for OWWA membership.

Step 4: Send the scanned copy of the requirements.

Step 5: The message must be addressed to malaysia@owwa.gov.ph or owwamalaysia@yahoo.com.my for the assessment.

Step 6: Wait for the request approval from OWWA-Kuala Lumpur to apply or renew your account.

Step 7: If you’re approved, just follow the instructions and settle the payment.

The steps mentioned above may vary from time to time so make sure to contact the concerned office before processing your renewal in order to get the latest updates. You can check out the official website or Facebook page of the OWWA office in your area to see whether they have updated their guidelines for OWWA renewal or application.

Procedure for Getting an OWWA Thailand Appointment Online

There’s no online appointment system currently being implemented for OWWA applications in Bangkok, Thailand. Moreover, the issuance of OWWA membership for OFWs in the country is managed by the OWWA-Kuala Lumpur office. However, the Philippine Embassy in Malaysia requires online appointments for some services. It’s important to contact the OWWA office in Kuala Lumpur if you want to process your OWWA renewal in Thailand.

How to Renew OWWA Membership in Bangkok, Thailand

While the OWWA office in Malaysia handles the application for OWWA members, you don’t need to go to Kuala Lumpur to process your renewal. You can submit your requirements via email or use the OWWA Mobile App to renew your account. Download the mobile app on your mobile device and register an account. With your username and email, log in to your new account to start processing your membership application online.

Click the Information tab which is located at the bottom of your dashboard. Select Renew Membership Here and follow the instructions. Select from the payment options such as GCash or bank and settle your payment online. Remember that the validity of your OWWA account once payment has been settled is only two years. Make sure to renew it at least three months before the expiration to keep enjoying the benefits.

Video: Bagong Amount for OWWA Membership Contribution

In this video, you will learn the latest update regarding OWWA membership fee and how to process your renewal. It provides all the information you need to ensure that you stay active and eligible to claim benefits, assistance, and programs that your qualified dependents can also enjoy.


Now that you know how to process your OWWA renewal in Bangkok Thailand, it’s easier to keep it active while you work abroad. The importance of having this kind of life insurance for OFWs is the benefits and financial assistance you can claim during tough times. Imagine having government support through educational scholarships, loans, livelihood programs, and even legal assistance to help overcome job-related issues.

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