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Overseas Filipino Workers in Dubai, UAE can renew their OWWA memberships through the MWO-OWWA office in Al Qusais. You need to get a confirmation for your appointment before you can visit the office in order to make sure you will be accommodated. Good thing OFWs can now easily set a scheduled visit and settle the payment fee online. Just make sure to complete the requirements and follow the guidelines for OWWA membership renewal in Dubai.

The OWWA office in Dubai requires an online appointment since they don’t entertain walk-ins or even those who just want to inquire regarding the services or programs offered to OFWs. Without a schedule to visit, you can’t simply go inside the premises of the OWWA office unless you abide by the rules. Therefore, knowing what you need to prepare and do to renew your membership can help speed up the entire process.

owwa membership at migrant workers office for ofws in dubai uae

Requirements for OWWA in Dubai

If you’re planning to apply for OWWA membership in Dubai, here’s a list of the required documents you need to prepare: Confirmed appointment

  • Original copy of a valid passport
  • MWO-verified employment contract
  • UAE Visa with more than 90 days validity, note that the OFW should have current work in Dubai
  • Certification from employer issued not later than 30 days, with company stamp signature
  • Payment fee
  • Personal appearance

Note that some OFWs may not be qualified to renew their OWWA membership such as those terminated, for termination, cancelled, for cancellation, resigned, and no work no pay.

Membership Fee and Payment Process

The payment fee for OWWA Membership renewal for OFWs in Dubai is AED 92 only. You need to settle this during your scheduled appointment with the MWO-OWWA office in Dubai. Don’t forget to bring your requirements to ensure a smooth processing of your application. Below are the steps when paying the membership fee:

Step 1: Go to the MWO-OWWA during the scheduled appointment.

Step 2: Show the screenshot of your confirmed appointment in order to be accommodated on the premises.

Step 3: secure all the requirements including a valid passport, Employment Certificate, UAE Visa with days validity, and POLO-verified contract.

Step 4: Verify your contract at the counter while presenting all the required documents. Pay the renewal fee.

Step 5: After processing the payment, get the official receipt, and that’s it! You are once again an active OWWA member who can enjoy the benefits and services available to OFWs in Dubai.

Procedure for Getting OWWA Dubai Appointment Online

Since MWO-OWWA Dubai implements a strict “No Appointment, No Service” policy, it’s important to understand how to book an appointment for OWWA membership renewal online. To get an appointment online, just go to this link: http://www.polodubaiportal.org/appointments/ and tap on the OWWA Membership/Renewal Schedule tab.

Choose your preferred date on the calendar. Remember that each person can only schedule one appointment with MWO-OWWA. Creating multiple appointments per service is not allowed in the system as it causes crashing. In the Information section, provide your name, contact number, and email address.

Submit the information and wait for the confirmation that will be sent through email or text message. Make sure to screenshot your confirmation message as you may need to present it during your appointment. For questions and other concerns regarding your appointment, you can email the MWO-OWWA at dubai@owwa.gov.ph or contact them via 050-558-5536 hotline.

How to Renew OWWA Membership in Dubai

In Dubai, OWWA membership registration, renewal, and other similar processes are handled by the Migrant Workers Office (formerly known as Philippine Overseas Labor Office). They provide assistance to OFWs, not only in Dubai, but all over the world. If you need help, whether financial or legal, the MWO can help you. While there are so many services currently available to OFWs, some benefits are only given to active OWWA members.

There are two ways to renew your OWWA membership in Dubai, either through the OWWA Mobile App or via personal appearance at the MWO Dubai office. Either way, it’s easy nowadays to process membership renewal for OFWs no matter where they are in the world.

Via OWWA Mobile App

With new digital services offered by OWWA, you can now process your OWWA membership renewal using the OWWA Mobile App. You no longer need to visit the MWO-OWWA office in Dubai to renew your membership. All you need to do is download the app on your mobile device, create a new account, and then renew your OWWA membership.

Provide the required details and choose your payment option to complete the process. Check all the information before submitting your renewal application.

Via On-site Application

To renew your OWWA membership in person, you need to go to the MWO-OWWA office which is located in Al Qusais. It’s easily accessible to all OFWs who are working in the city. On the other hand, some OFWs may be located from a longer distance from the city so they may have to use public transport if they don’t have their own car.

Before going to the MWO-OWWA office, you need to book an appointment online. Show up during the appointment day and submit all the requirements. Pay the OWWA membership renewal fee to officially renew your membership and become an active member again.

Video: Guide to OFW OWWA Renewal in Dubai

In this video, you will learn how to become an OWWA member and renew your existing with nearly expiring or expired OWWA memberships. It also talks about contract verification, a Certificate of Employment, and how the entire process works.


Now you have an idea of how to process your OWWA membership renewal in Dubai, UAE. It’s important to keep your OWWA active in order to enjoy all the benefits and programs offered to existing members such as welfare assistance projects, loan programs, financial assistance, and scholarship grants.

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