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There are so many benefits to renewing your OWWA membership no matter where you are working in the world. Overseas Filipino Workers should apply for and renew their accounts every two years in order to enjoy all the benefits and programs that meet their needs. Active OWWA members are also eligible to claim financial assistance and scholarships for their qualified dependents in the Philippines.

For OFWs in Morocco who obtained employment using their visit visa, they can voluntarily apply for or renew their OWWA at the MWO office in Rabat. This is to ensure they can access necessary assistance and have legal employment so that OFWs are protected against exploitation and maltreatment. To become an OWWA member, you must complete the requirements and meet the qualifications mentioned in this guide.

owwa membership application renewal in morocco

Requirements for OWWA in Morocco

Through OWWA renewal, you can access all the services, support, and programs to enhance your living conditions and career opportunities abroad. If you want to get immediate assistance during tough times, make sure to renew your membership by submitting all the required documents. One of the most important requirements is proof of active employment as you need to be actively and continuously working in your host country to qualify.

According to the MWO Rabat office’s Facebook post, OFWs must secure all the requirements for first-time application or renewal. The following list of required documents applies to OFWs based in Morocco as well as in Libya, Algeria, Senegal, Niger, Chad, Tunisia, Guinea-Conakry, and Mauritania:

  • Contract du Travail with French and English translation or POLO template which can be requested from rabat.welfare526@gmail.com or polo.rabat2021@gmail.com
  • Original copy and photocopy of valid passport with data page, employer’s ID card, la carte or Moroccan national ID, Certificate of Employment, or proof of bank remittance
  • Payment for the OWWA contribution fee

OWWA Fees and Payment Process

The fee that you need to pay when renewing your OWWA account is 248DH or the equivalent of US$ 25 based on the current foreign exchange rate. The validity of the membership is two years regardless of your job site, recruitment agency, contract duration, or change of employer. You need to submit all the requirements and wait for the confirmation before you can proceed to the payment process.

OFWs can pay their contribution at the OWWA office in Rabat. Follow these steps to settle your OWWA renewal payment:

Step 1: Reach out to the MWO in Morocco to check if it’s necessary to book an appointment. If it’s required, make sure to schedule an appointment prior to your visit.

Step 2: Head to the MWO office and present your confirmed appointment.

Step 3: Proceed to the OWWA window and present all the requirements for verification.

Step 4: After verifying your documents, you can go to the payment counter to settle the membership fee.

Step 5: Get your renewal receipt for future use.

Procedure for Getting an OWWA Morocco Appointment Online

The MWO office in Rabat doesn’t require an appointment as there is no online appointment system available. In addition, there’s no official statement from MWO Rabat and the Philippine Embassy in Morocco regarding the appointment booking for OFWs and applicants. If you check the official Facebook page and website of the OWWA in Rabat, Morocco, you won’t see enough information on this matter.

On the other hand, the consular services provided by the Philippine Embassy require visitors to present a confirmed appointment. It’s best to contact the OWWA-Rabat office before you visit in order to see if you need to schedule an appointment for OWWA renewal. Here’s how you can get an appointment online:

Option 1: Send an email to https://polorabat.dole.gov.ph/

Option 2: Contact these numbers: +212-660764577

Option 3: Send a message to the official Facebook page of the Embassy of the Philippines Labor Section in Rabat, Morocco.

How to Renew OWWA Membership in Rabat, Morocco

Before you decide to apply or renew your OWWA, you must first qualify for the renewal. The most important thing is that you are actively working in Morocco as a documented OFW with a valid work visa to be allowed to update your OWWA status. If you are now a permanent resident and yet remain a Filipino citizen, you are also encouraged to renew your account.

Applicants are advised to wear decent clothes during their appointment and bring all the necessary documents. It’s also good to arrive at an earlier time before your scheduled appointment in order to avoid the rush. Whether you’re processing your renewal via email or on-site, make sure to know the steps to complete everything on the same day.

For the most convenient way to renew your OWWA, you can download and register with the OWWA Mobile App. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Sign up for a new account and log in with your details.

Step 2: Proceed to the Information section and verify your OWWA status.

Step 3: For inactive membership, tap on the Renew Membership Here button.

Step 4: Complete the required information and choose from the available payment methods.

Step 5: Pay the fee and get your receipt online.

Video: How to Renew and Pay OWWA Membership Online

In this video, you will discover how you can renew your OWWA account and pay the contribution fee online using Gcash and other payment methods. This guide gives all the steps you need to follow to become an active OWWA member.


At this point, you are now ready to process your OWWA renewal in Rabat, Morocco as an OFW. Whether it’s the first time or the third time renewing your membership, you need to submit a list of required documents before you can proceed to the payment process. Most importantly, you need to be actively working abroad in order to become an active member who is eligible to claim benefits, programs, and services.

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