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Overseas Filipino Workers should maximize their government benefits by processing their OWWA account renewal. Whether you’re an OFW in Puerto Rico or anywhere else in the world, it’s important to consider renewing your OWWA every two years in order to enjoy all the benefits, programs, services, and assistance that are available to active members. You can apply voluntarily by contacting the nearest OWWA office in your area.

Moreover, the application process is now made easier and more convenient with the OWWA Mobile App. Meaning, you can process your renewal online without having to visit the actual office to update your status. Another option is to renew your membership on-site wherein you are highly advised to reach out to the concerned office to know if they require booking an appointment prior to visiting.

owwa membership application renewal puerto rico

Requirements for OWWA in Puerto Rico

If you intend to apply for membership or renew your OWWA account, you need to present proof of active employment. According to OWWA, applicants must be actively working abroad to qualify for the program. Even those who acquired jobs in Puerto Rico through their visit visas are welcome to apply as long as they can provide all the required documents to OWWA.

Either you have an expired membership or planning to apply, here are the documentary requirements that you need to submit for your OWWA application:

  • Duly accomplished OWWA Membership Form or OFW Information Sheet
  • Copy of proof of active employment such as latest payslip, employment offer, work permit or visa, company ID, Certificate of Employment, or other relevant document
  • Original copy and photocopy of valid Philippine passport with data page
  • Letter of Certification issued by the employer to verify the OFW is not terminated, canceled, or resigned
  • Payment for the OWWA contribution fee

Don’t forget to include a stamped or self-addressed return envelope if you’re sending your requirements via email.

OWWA Fees and Payment Process

For a minimum fee, you can claim a lot of benefits including medical, calamity, death and burial, and disability benefits. The OWWA fee is the equivalent of US$25 based on the current foreign exchange rate. You can pay it via non-cash payment such as Bank Draft or US Money Order. Remember that opting for your credit/debit card or personal check will not be accepted.

You need to complete all the requirements and wait for the evaluation before you can proceed to the payment process. The payment method depends on your chosen renewal process such as the consular mission, on-site, or via email. If you’re processing your application via email, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the OFW Information Sheet and fill it out.

Step 2: Scan all the required documents.

Step 3: Send the scanned copies to washington@owwa.gov.ph.

Step 4: If your request has been approved, pay the fee by following the instructions on the email.

Step 5: Take a photo of the receipt and send a copy to OWWA Washington’s email to get your official receipt.

Step 6: Email them again to schedule an appointment to claim the original copy of the official receipt.

Procedure for Getting an OWWA Puerto Rico Appointment Online

OFWs in Puerto Rico must contact the Philippine Embassy in Washington when renewing OWWA because it’s under their jurisdiction. While there is no online appointment system currently being implemented by the Embassy in Washington, they conduct on-site membership programs to help OFWs keep their accounts active.

In case the on-site program isn’t an option for you, you can wait for the Consular Outreach Mission events that the Philippine Embassy will conduct in your area. You should follow the official Facebook page and website of the Embassy in Washington to get the latest updates regarding their upcoming schedule and locations for the outreach missions.

You need to book an appointment if you opt for the consular outreach to be conducted near you. If you are OFW assigned in Puerto Rico and can’t attend the on-site event or outreach mission because you are currently vacationing in the Philippines, you can schedule an appointment at the nearest DMW office in order to renew or apply for OWWA.

How to Renew OWWA Membership in Puerto Rico

In addition to the Consular Outreach Mission and On-Site Membership Program, OFWs in Puerto Rico can also renew their OWWA through regular mail. Contact the Philippine Embassy in Washington and ask about their current requirements for the OWWA application. On the other hand, if you can’t apply on-site, you may also use the OWWA Mobile App to process your renewal.

You can download the mobile app on your smartphone and register. Make sure to use an active email when sign up on the app because your temporary password will be sent to you via email. With your login details, open the app and follow the instructions on the screen. With a few clicks, you can renew your OWWA anywhere you are in the world.

Video: Paano Magbayad at Mag Renew ng OWWA Membership Online?

In this video, you will find out how to renew and pay your OWWA membership using your mobile device. With the OWWA Mobile App processing your OWWA account is made easier and more accessible anytime and anywhere for OFWs across the globe. It provides all the steps that you need to take when downloading and registering on the mobile app. There are also some helpful tips to make things more convenient for you and your dependents.


With this guide, you can now process your OWWA membership in Puerto Rico with more ease. Whether you’re choosing the on-site program, regular mail, email, or the mobile app to renew your account, it’s easier to keep your OWWA status active when you know how the process currently works. Remember that OFWs in Puerto must contact the OWWA office in Washington to apply or renew their membership.

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