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If you’re working in Canada as an Overseas Filipino Worker and is looking to renew your OWWA membership, you can go to the Migrant Workers Office in Toronto. The main advantage of being an active OWWA member is that you can maximize the benefits and services offered by the agency to OFWs. For a small fee, you get a two-year coverage which can be renewed to continue enjoying the OWWA special programs and assistance.

As mandated by the government to protect and promote the rights and interests of OFWs, the OWWA provides social and welfare benefits including scholarships, loans, and livelihood projects. You should consider the importance of renewing your account before its expiration when it becomes invalid. In Toronto, you can process your renewal via email, making it easier to keep your status active.

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Requirements for OWWA in Toronto

To qualify for OWWA registration and renewal, OFWs need to present proof of active employment abroad. In addition, you also need to complete a set of required documents in order to proceed to the payment process. Once you have completed all the requirements, you can send them to OWWA Toronto via email.

If you want to ensure you have all the documentary requirements needed in renewing your account, you can reach out to the Philippine Consulate General office. You can also check out their upcoming Consular Outreach activities in your area so that you don’t need to visit their office to process your renewal. Here are the requirements you need to submit to renew your OWWA:

  • Duly accomplished OFW Information Sheet or the OWWA Membership Form
  • Copy of current work visa or work permit
  • Copy of valid Philippine passport with personal data and photo
  • Copy of current employment contract or Certificate of Employment

OWWA Fees and Payment Process

The OWWA fee for renewing your account in Canada is 30 CAD, and that is valid for two years no matter your job site, contract term, recruitment agency, or change of employer. Please note that you can only proceed to the payment process once you get the confirmation from the OWWA office to pay the fee.

After securing all the requirements and submitting them to OWWA Toronto office via email, wait for their approval since they still need to check your documents whether there are missing requirements or inaccurate information. You can get rejected if issues are found out, but you can continue to settle the payment once they confirm your application.

Procedure for Getting OWWA Toronto Appointment Online

During lockdown, the OWWA office in Toronto didn’t accept walk-ins. However, with things getting back to normal, you may visit the office to process your OWWA renewal. It is highly advise, though, to reach out to the PCG office in order to make sure that you can go directly without getting an appointment online.

On your appearance or appointment date, check your requirements and make sure they are complete and accurate. Remember that incomplete requirements or documents with errors will not be processed by the OWWA staff. You may visit the official Facebook page of OWWA-Toronto Canada at https:///www.facebook.com/Polotoronto/ to get the latest updates.

How to Renew OWWA Membership in Toronto, Canada

To protect yourself from any unexpected emergency while working overseas, you should keep your OWWA active so that you are eligible to claim benefits and assistance for you and your family. The following are the key steps in applying or renewing your account at the PCG office in Toronto, Canada:

Step 1: Go to this link: http://polotoronto.dole.gov.ph.

Step 2: Select the Program and Services button.

Step 3: Click on the OWWA Services option and then choose OWWA Downloadable Form or the OFW Information Sheet.

Step 4: Complete the required details in the OWWA Membership Form including the personal data, contract particulars, and legal beneficiaries or qualified dependents.

Step 5: Send the accomplished OWWA Membership Form and other required documents to toronto@owwa.gov.ph.

Step 6: Wait for the confirmation that will be sent to you via email before paying for the fee through Fund Transfer. Once you get the receipt, forward a copy to toronto@owwa.gov.ph.

Step 7: Don’t forget to provide your valid mailing address because the OWWA-Toronto office will send the original receipt via email.

Note that guidelines for renewing OWWA memberships in Toronto, Canada may change from time to time so make sure to contact the PCG office in Toronto if you have questions and other related concerns. With Consular Outreach programs, you can get the chance to renew your OWWA without going to the actual Philippine Consulate General office.

During outreach missions, PCG conducts contract verification, membership renewals, and other OWWA services that OFWs nearby need to process and update. The convenience of not having to visit the actual office to renew your account is a great relief for busy migrant workers. To see whether there are upcoming consular activities near you, follow the OWWA Toronto official Facebook page and PCG Consulate in Toronto website.

Video: OWWA Membership Renewal Requirements

In this video, you will learn about the required documents that you need to submit when registering or renewing your OWWA account. It also includes information on OWWA OFW programs and assistance, qualifications, and the list of requirements to renew your status. There are helpful tips that were from actual experiences while renewing OWWA, so you will surely know what to expect during your appearance or appointment day.


Now that you have an idea on how to process your OWWA application or renewal in Toronto, Canada, you can keep your status active and enjoy all the benefits and special programs that OWWA offers to Filipino migrant workers all over the world. Don’t hesitate to contact the Philippine Consulate General office if you want to know more about their renewal guidelines including their appointment system if there’s any.

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