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For Overseas Filipino Workers in Greece, the OWWA membership can be processed in the MWO Athens office. You can email the requirements while the payment is made in the office during your application or renewal. Walk-ins are allowed in the office as long as you have all the required documents and you meet the qualifications.

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration aims to continuously protect the welfare of all OFWs and their loved ones. It ensures that you get the benefits you deserve from your job contract along with additional perks. For a small contribution, you can enjoy good coverage from this life insurance for OFWs. Make sure to complete the requirements before applying or renewing your account in Greece.

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Requirements for OWWA in Greece

You need to maintain your OWWA status to claim your benefits in case you need financial assistance from the government. One of the most important requirements for renewal is proof of active employment. Since the pandemic, financial transactions with OWWA services are done online via email.

Below are the renewal requirements you need to complete and submit to the OWWA-Greece office:

  • Duly accomplished OWWA Membership Form or OFW Information Sheet
  • Copy of valid work visa or work permit
  • Photocopy of Philippine passport with personal information and photo
  • Copy of Employment Contract or other proof of active employment

OWWA Fees and Payment Process

The OWWA contribution fee in Greece is €21 and each payment gives you two years of validity regardless of your job location, recruitment agency, contract duration, and change of employer. It’s important to renew your OWWA before it expires in order to continue getting the benefits and programs that are available to active members.

You can pay the OWWA fee without getting an appointment in the MWO Athens office. Here’s how you can settle the payment when renewing your account via walk-in:

Step 1: Prepare all the requirements that you need to submit to the OWWA office in Greece.

Step 2: Head to the OWWA-Athens office to process your renewal.

Step 3: Pay the contribution fee at the payment counter.

Step 4: Get your receipt before leaving.

You can check out the official OWWA Cares Facebook page in order to get the latest about OWWA renewal processing.

On the other hand, you can also email your requirements and pay the fee. The following are the simple steps you need to follow to pay via email:

Step 1: Download a copy of the OFW Information Sheet or OWWA Membership Form via https://owwamember.com/ofw-information-sheet/ and complete the require details.

Step 2: Scan all the required documents and make sure they are clear before sending them via email.

Step 3: Send the scanned copy of each requirements to greece@owwa.gov.ph or owwagreece.online@gmail.com.

Step 4: Pay the fee and take a screenshot of the receipt, then send it to one of the emails of OWWA-Greece.

Step 5: After they receive the copy of the receipt, OWWA will forward the Official Receipt to your email.

Step 6: The original copy of the Official Receipt can be obtained at the Philippine Embassy in Athens, Greece. You can ask the OWWA to schedule an appointment to get a copy of the original receipt.

From time to time, there are Consular Outreach services that are available in your area so make sure to follow the official Facebook page of OWWA Greece for the announcements. The outreach programs allow OFWs to process their application or renewal on-site where the outreach location takes place. Also, you can inquire about the new services of OWWA and how to update your account.

Procedure for Getting OWWA Greece Appointment Online

Currently, walk-ins are allowed at the MWO office in Greece so there’s no need to get an appointment online. You can simply scan your requirements and send them to a valid OWWA email to process your account. However, make sure you have submitted all the renewal requirements including proof of active employment which is the most important.

You can also participate in outreach programs for OFWs who want to personally process their membership renewal or application without visiting the main office at the Philippine Embassy in Greece. Since there is no online appointment system, you can send an email to OWWA if you have questions regarding appointment booking.

How to Renew OWWA Membership in Athens, Greece

Generally, you need to secure all the requirements and meet the qualifications before you decide to update your OWWA status. Then you can submit the required documents via email or personal appearance if you have time to visit the MWO office. At the payment counter, you can settle all the fees as well as other government contributions you want to make on the same day.

Double check all the documents you need to submit, make sure the scanned copies are clear and readable. Keep in mind that any incomplete requirements will not be processed by the OWWA staff. New and active members can participate in all regular services and activities of the agency as well as some special programs offered to OFWs.

Video: How to Renew OFW OWWA Membership in Athens Greece

In this video, you will see how to renew your OWWA membership as an OFW in Athens, Greece. It mentions all the steps and requirements you need to submit before you can pay the contribution fee in the MWO office. There are also some helpful tips from actual experience to leanr from.


Now that you have learned how to process your OWWA application or renewal in Athens, Greece, you can confidently visit the MWO office and pay your contribution. While the validity of each contribution is two years, it’s recommended to renew the status at least three months before the expiration in order to avoid the rush. You don’t need to get an appointment so you can directly visit the office and complete the renewal process.

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