Book OWWA Appointment Visit Online

OFWs who wish to visit or transact with an OWWA office are encouraged to secure an appointment before they can visit. While they can so easily book an OWWA appointment online, the process may still vary depending on the office they will be visiting. Depending on the OFW’s current location, they may contact the Philippine Overseas Labor Office – Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (POLO-OWWA) (if abroad) or the OWWA Regional Welfare Offices (RWOs) (if you are in the Philippines) closest to them for the specifics or to check whether they accept walk-ins or require an appointment before visiting.

OFWs who need to book an OWWA appointment may do so online, either via the OWWA appointment scheduler online, through the OWWA mobile app, through the specific POLO-OWWA website, or by sending an email request.

By reading this guide, you will learn how to book an appointment via the different online channels and prepare the requirements and other things you will need in advance before doing just that to ensure that you can enter the POLO or OWWA office you wish to visit at the time you need to do so. It will also help you avail of the many OWWA welfare programs and services especially designed to help overseas workers and their families.

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Booking an OWWA Appointment Online

An OWWA appointment is necessary when OFWs need to pay for their OWWA membership fees, renew their OWWA membership, or inquire about the agency’s existing projects and services. It can be done in person or online, depending on your preference.

Do note, however, that while you may set up an OWWA appointment online, there might be specific processes implemented in the various POLO-OWWA international offices and OWWA Regional Welfare offices, so make sure you verify with the specific office about their process beforehand.


Having a confirmed OWWA appointment means:

  • Being able to transact with the POLO-OWWA or OWWA office at your preferred schedule
  • Gaining entry at the POLO-OWWA or OWWA office when you visit
  • Being able to check and prepare all the requirements you need
  • Being able to confirm that the office you are visiting processes the kind of transaction you are visiting them for
  • Getting the proper assistance you need without having to make multiple trips to the POLO or OWWA office


While the reason for visiting the POLO or OWWA office will dictate the documentary requirements you will need to prepare upon making an appointment, here’s a general list of the requirements you might need, so it’s best to have them prepared:

  • OWWA OFW Membership Information Sheet
  • Proof of OWWA membership
  • Valid government-issued IDs
  • Valid passport (personal data page and visa page)
  • Duly signed employment contract
  • List of qualified dependents (i.e: parent, child, etc.)
  • Proof of active employment
  • Most recent payslip
  • Employment Pass or Work Permit
  • PSA Birth certificate
  • PSA Marriage certificate
  • PSA death certificate
  • Membership fee
  • Visa valid for 90 days or more, for OFWs applying through their respective Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) of OWWA


Depending on how you book your OWWA Appointment online, here are the procedures to follow:

Booking an Appointment via OWWA Regional Welfare Office Website

For OFWs based in Metro Manila, Kuwait, and Al Khobar, and outside Metro Manila, here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Visit the OWWA Appointment scheduler to book an appointment at any OWWA Regional Welfare Office (RWO) website via this link:

Step 2: Select your designated OWWA Regional Welfare Office (RWO).

Step 3: Select the program you would like an appointment for (i.e: reintegration, check claiming)

Step 4: Click “Next.”

Step 5: Select your preferred date of appointment in the calendar.

Step 6: Click “Next.”

Step 7: Fill up the OFW information sheet.

Step 8: Click “Next” after completing your personal information.

Step 9: Confirm the submitted information.

Step 10: Submit your appointment.

Step 11: Check for the confirmation message and slip from OWWA on your nominated email address.

Step 12: Print the confirmation slip and bring this with you on the day of your appointment.

Booking an Appointment by Sending an Email to Your Preferred OWWA Regional Office

To book an appointment with the nearest OWWA Regional Welfare Office (RWO), simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Check for the email address of the OWWA RWO near you on the OWWA directory available on the OWWA website.

Step 2: Send your full name, address, phone number, and the service you’re considering to the OWWA RWO closest to you via email.

Step 3: Wait for the confirmation of your appointment to be sent via email.

Step 4: On the day of your appointment, visit the preferred OWWA office, along with your appointment confirmation slip.

Booking an Appointment by Calling or Sending an SMS to Your Preferred OWWA Office

Step 1: Check for the telephone or hotline number of the OWWA RWO closest to you on the OWWA directory available on the OWWA website.

Step 2: Make an appointment by calling or texting the preferred OWWA Office.

Step 3: Confirm your appointment with the OWWA office before going.

Booking through POLO-OWWA Offices Website

OFWs who are based overseas may book their appointments through the website of the designated POLO-OWWA Office in their respective countries by following these steps:

Step 1: Open the website of the respective POLO-OWWA office closest to you.

Step 2: Select the program from the given list on the website.

Step 3: Select your preferred date of appointment.

Step 4: Fill up the information sheet.

Step 5: Verify all given information, then take a screenshot of the webpage. This will serve as the confirmation slip for your appointment.

Step 6: Submit the form.

Step 7: Wait for the confirmation email of the scheduled appointment and make sure that you have all the required documents.

Note: Some POLO-OWWA offices do not entertain appointments with incomplete requirements and without a confirmed appointment schedule. It is also important to wait for your confirmed appointment schedule before heading to the office in person.

Booking an Appointment via POLO-OWWA Offices Email

Some POLO-OWWA offices also process appointments made via email. In Singapore, for instance, OFWs may apply or renew their membership through designated windows for POLO offices at the Embassy of the Philippines, provided that they first secure an appointment by sending an emailed request.

Step 1: Check for the email address of the POLO-OWWA office you are planning to visit.

Step 2: Send your full name, address, phone number, and the service you’re considering to the POLO-OWWA closest to you via email.

Step 3: Wait for the confirmation of your appointment to be sent via email.

Step 4: Download and print the information sheet from your designated POLO office website.

Step 5: Fill in all the required information, including details of your employment contract, and details on your latest OWWA contribution.

Step 6: Verify all submitted information before signing.

Step 7: On the day of your appointment, visit the preferred OWWA office, along with your appointment confirmation slip, the OFW Information sheet, and rest of the supplementary documents.

Note: If your OWWA appointment requires you to schedule through the Embassy of the Philippines in your host country, make sure you do it in advance. Also, always check the website or email of the POLO-OWWA office for the specific details.

Important Reminders

Before securing an appointment to any OWWA or POLO-OWWA offices, here are a few reminders worth remembering:

  • When preparing to submit documentary requirements or filling out forms, make sure to verify all the information for accuracy and completeness as it is illegal to transact with a government agency using false information.
  • Note that any misrepresentation or false information presented in your official documents may cause legal repercussions in the future.
  • Make sure to wear appropriate clothes when visiting any OWWA Regional/Satellite Offices or POLO-OWWA Offices. Avoid sleeveless tops, shorts, sandos, or open footwear like slippers.
  • Only visit the respective OWWA or POLO-OWWA office on your approved appointment schedule.
  • Not all POLO-OWWA offices have an appointment booking system set up. 
  • Some POLO-OWWA offices only entertain walk-in appearances while others require emailed appointment requests to transact.
  • Each POLO-OWWA office has a specified guideline on processing appointments, so be sure to follow them carefully.
  • Follow the social media accounts (particularly the Facebook Page) and the website of the specific OWWA or POLO-OWWA office near you for the latest updates on their programs and services.

Video: Booking an OWWA Appointment Online

For a visual walkthrough on how to book an OWWA Appointment online, you may watch this Youtube video:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some common questions and answers, in case you need some reference when setting up an OWWA appointment online:

1. Why do I need to book an appointment online?

POLO and OWWA offices require scheduling online appointments to streamline their processes, ensure smooth and safer transactions for both employees and visitors, and ensure that they can prioritize specific transactions with secured appointments.  

2. Can I book an OWWA appointment while on vacation in the Philippines?

Yes, it is possible to schedule an appointment at any OWWA Regional/Satellite Offices through the OWWA online scheduler ( or by reaching out to the Regional/Satellite Office nearest to you.

3. Can I book an OWWA appointment while working overseas?

Yes. Since it is possible to book an appointment online, either via the website scheduler or via email, it is also possible to schedule an appointment wherever you are. You may also schedule an appointment with your host country’s designated OWWA or POLO-OWWA office. Just make sure you check with the OWWA office first to see whether or not they require an approved appointment.

4. Where can I find my OWWA Regional Welfare Office (RWO) or POLO-OWWA Office?

You may find contact details and locations OWWA Regional/Satellite Offices in the Philippines by visiting the designated website for the POLO-OWWA in your host country or by checking the directory of OWWA regional offices available on the OWWA website.

5. Where can I find information on OWWA programs and services?

You may either check online via the OWWA website or the OWWA mobile app, or visit their official Facebook page at to find information on available OWWA programs and services.

6. How do I check if my OWWA account is active or not?

To check and verify the status of your OWWA membership and confirm whether it is active or expired, you may download the OWWA mobile app and register for an account there. You may also check the receipt for your OWWA membership fee and use it as a reference on when your OWWA membership will actually end.

7. Should I book my appointment with OWWA Regional or POLO-OWWA?

If you are in the Philippines, whether in Metro Manila or outside NCR, then you should go to a website associated with OWWA and book an appointment with the nearest OWWA Regional Office. An appointment with POLO-OWWA is meant for OFWs who are currently overseas.

8. Why I cannot click the date I want to book in their calendar?

If you can’t click on the calendar date when setting your appointment, it simply means that the date is already fully booked and unavailable.

9. Can I go to OWWA without an appointment?

It depends on the OWWA or POLO-OWWA office, but most of the time, you will need a confirmed appointment before visiting any OWWA Regional or POLO-OWWA office.

10. Can I cancel my booked appointment online?

Yes. It is possible to cancel a booked appointment. 

11. How do I cancel an OWWA appointment online?

You may cancel a confirmed OWWA Appointment online. Simply use your appointment reference number, key it in your account profile, and hit Cancel or Reschedule button, depending on what you wish to do.

12.  Can I visit OWWA on weekends?

No, OWWA Offices operates on weekdays, Mondays thru Fridays, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. OWWA offices are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

13. How can I find the POLO-OWWA web page in the country where I’m at?

You can check on the POLO-OWWA webpage by using your browser and searching for POLO OWWA and your country (if currently residing abroad). You may also ask the OWWA page to give you the website designated to your country. To access the OWWA website from the Philippines, here is the link:

14. What if all dates in the calendar are highlighted in gray?

This simply means that the OWWA schedules for the entire month is already booked. You might want to click on the next month’s arrow to see if you can book a schedule for another month and date.

15. What if I cannot make it to my scheduled appointment?

If you really can’t make it to your scheduled appointment, make it a point to cancel your appointment schedule and create a new one. It is best to cancel early so that if you cannot make it, your existing appointment slots can be made available to other Filipinos who need it.


Visiting the OWWA or POLO-OWWA offices may seem simple enough with the advent of online appointment schedulers. But the truth is, OFWs who are looking to visit or transact with either office would need to confirm with the specific branch first before they do so. This is because some offices require different sets of documents while others need emailed appointment requests.

Some also only entertain walk-in applicants so it’s best to check first and avoid being inconvenienced. In any case, doing so is a small price to pay to enjoy all the programs and services offered by the agency to both the OFWs and their families, especially in their time of need.

The guides above were general guidelines for booking an OWWA appointment online, but we still encourage checking with the nearest OWWA or POLO-OWWA office first before setting one so you can come prepared and avoid wasting time and effort on unnecessary things.

Contact Information

For other concerns or if you simply need to learn more, you may reach out to OWWA via the following:

Overseas Workers Welfare Association (OWWA)

Office Address: F.B. Harrison St, Pasay, Metro Manila

Tel. No.: 8891-7601 to 24

OWWA hotline number: 1348, (02) 1348 (Regional), (+632) 1348 (International) 

OWWA Email Address:,

OWWA Facebook page:

OWWA website:

You may also reach out to them via the OWWA 24/7 Operations Center via the following:

OWWA 24/7 Operations Center

Landline: (+632)833-OWWA or (+632)833-6992

Globe Hotline: 2917 (Press “3” for OWWA)

Mobile/SMS text messaging: (0917)TXT-OWWA or (0917)898-6992

Facsimile: +63-2-8040638

Email address:

You also have the option to download and install the OWWA Mobile App from either Google Play Store or Apple Store so you can stay updated on the latest OWWA projects and programs created specifically for OWWA member OFWs who wish for more comprehensive information.

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