OFW Pass QR Code Registration in DMW Mobile App

The launch of the OFW Pass is an important step for the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) toward digital transformation. For OFWs to conveniently access their documents when needed, they must keep all of their documents in one place.

OFW Pass is also a more practical replacement for the standard Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) because you don’t need to go to an office to process your employment identity. Instead, you can just download the DMW Mobile App, and process your OFW pass QR Code registration at your fingertips. Continue reading the article to know more about DMW OFW Pass.

ofw pass registratino qr code dmw mobile app

What is DMW OFWS Pass?

The DMW Mobile App includes a mobile app service called the OFW Pass that is used for tracking authorized OFWs worldwide. It serves as an identification card as well, showing the name, photo, passport number, birthdate, and contact information of the holder. These features make it simpler for OFWs to confirm their foreign employment.


The following are some of the benefits of the OFW Pass:

  • Can easily generate QR code for connectivity with other apps
  • Easy-to-use and secured digital OFW identification
  • Free access
  • Valid until the OFW’s contract expiration


The main purpose of the OFW Pass is to remove the long procedure for getting an OEC at DMW offices. The OFW Pass is valid until the end of your working contract, unlike the OEC, which has a 60-day expiration date and can only be used once.


The application is useful for all Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who have active employment contracts with employers abroad or who are deployed abroad. These include the following:

  • Balik-Manggagawa OFWs, or OFWs on vacation or emergency leave in the Philippines, but will be returning to the same employer.
  • OFWs who are currently deployed.
  • First-time OFWs are to be processed by the DMW through recruitment agencies or via direct hiring and/or government-to-government placement.
  • OFWs who have transferred to a different company or employer and have undergone the contract verification process by the Migrant Workers Office (MWO) or Office of the Labor Attache.

Difference between OFW Pass and OEC

The switch to an online platform improved the efficiency and convenience of acquiring documents for OFWs. The DMW provides a two-month grace period for those who are not tech-savvy to help OFWs adjust to the new system. This means that OECs will continue to be valid throughout the period given to help with a smooth transition.

The following list is the difference between OFW Pass and OEC.

  • Accessibility
    • OEC – Can acquire through onsite processes at the DMW offices.
    • OFW pass – Can acquire through the DMW Mobile App
  • Cost
    • OEC – The payment is P100.00, which may vary depending on the country you are working
    • OFW Pass – FREE of charge
  • Function
    • OEC – It is proof of the OFW’s legitimacy
      • OFW Pass – It is proof of the OFW’s legitimacy but also interconnected with other Philippine government apps
  • Validity
    • OEC – Valid for use up to 60 days and can only be used once, requiring OFWs to secure a new certificate for each trip
    • OFW Pass – Valid until the expiration of the OFW’s working contract

The new OFW Pass will focus on streamlining links between government departments, including the e-GOV app created by DICT after it has been fully implemented and put into use. For Filipino migrant workers, this connectivity will result in a more convenient and quick service.

What is OFW Pass QR Code?

The OFW Pass QR Code is the unique QR code generated by the DMW Mobile App. It serves as a digital form of identity for OFWs which can be used to access other applications and services that require authentication provided by the government. This code will allow OFWs to connect their passport verification with other government services such as e-Government Online Services (eGOV).

Through this, they can gain easier access to different essential government resources and services. The OFW Pass QR Code also allows them to validate their documents without having to go through any manual verifications from various institutions.

How to Apply for OFW Pass in DMW Mobile App

The DMW Mobile Application allows you to obtain the OFW Pass simply and quickly. You can quickly obtain an OFW Pass by following these steps since the OFW Pass’s main purpose is to simplify and accelerate the obtaining of OFW documentation.

Step 1: Download the DMW App.

Step 2: Log in with your email address and password.

Step 3: You will be led to the passport verification page after logging in. Click Continue after allowing access to the camera on your phone.

register in ofw pass

Step 4: Scan your passport and press the Continue button.

capture ofw pass document

Step 5: In order to properly scan and capture your ID, follow the grid lines. After checking the readability of your photo, click Continue.

upload passport in ofw pass

Step 6: Wait as the app scans and processes your ID.

extracting data ofw pass

Step 7: Get ready to take a selfie. Avoid using flash and make sure your face can be recognized.

take selfie in ofw pass

Step 8: Wait for your photo to be processed.

processing photo selfie in ofw pass

Step 9: After your identity has been confirmed, click Continue.

ofw pass identity confirmed

Step 10: You can now use your OFW Pass. The app will display your OFW Pass details along with your QR code.

sample ofw pass with qr code


OFW Youtuber Alvin Alvz explained the OFW Pass. Watch the video below to know more about the DMW OFW Pass.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnkit9NCcZU

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any further questions regarding “OFW Pass by DMW”, see the list of frequently asked questions and answers below.

1. What is the DMW Mobile Application?

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) in the Philippines created the DMW Mobile Application in association with the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and the Bureau of Immigration (Bl).

Through the provision of numerous services for their employment and travel needs, it is intended to bring comfort and accessibility to Overseas Filipino Workers.

2. Where can I download the DMW Mobile App?

You can download it through Play Store or App Store.

3. What is the OFW Pass?

It is a digital document by DMW. It acts as evidence of their identity and employment status, allowing them to take advantage of specific benefits and exemptions when traveling and conducting business in the Philippines.

4. How can I acquire an OFW Pass?

You must download and install the DMW Mobile Application on your mobile device to get your OFW Pass. Follow the steps to verify our employment and identity information after creating an account or logging in. You will receive your OFW Pass digitally after successful verification.

5. How long will it take DMW to verify my requirements?

The amount of time it takes DMW to verify your requirements will depend on a variety of matters, including how accurate and comprehensive your information and supporting documentation are.

To speed up the verification process, make sure your information is accurate and comprehensive.

6.    How can I know the validity of my OFW Pass?

Your OFW Pass should contain a statement stating how long it is valid. Keeping track of the expiration date is essential to make sure that your OFW Pass is renewed or updated appropriately before it expires.

7.    Does the existence of the OFW Pass affect the validity of my OEC?

The Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) does not instantly become invalid due to the availability of the OFW Pass. It is important to remember that the government’s long-term strategy is to phase out the physical OEC and move toward the exclusive use of the digital OFW Pass.

It is advised to keep informed of any new information or instructions issued by the Philippine government on the use of the OFW Pass and OEC.

8.    How much does the OFW Pass processing fee cost?

There is no fee for the OFW Pass. In comparison to the OEC, this makes it a more affordable solution.

9.    What if I run into issues when applying for an OFW Pass?

You can contact the DMW’s dedicated 24/7 Contact Center for assistance if you run into any issues with your application.

10. Will other countries accept the OFW Pass?

The OFW Pass is used by OFWs in the Philippines for identification and employment verification. Depending on their policies and agreements with the Philippines, other countries might or might not acknowledge the Philippines.

11. Does using the application require being online?

Yes. Online connectivity is necessary for the app’s full functionality as well as the application procedure for an OFW Pass. To properly process your application for an OFW Pass, please make sure your mobile data is turned on or that you are connected to safe and dependable internet.

12. Can I use the app on more than one device? 

No. ONE device at a time can be logged into your account. Please be sure you log out of your primary device before accessing your account or OFW Pass from a separate one.

13. When I have an OFW Pass, is Exit Clearance not needed?

You need to have an Exit Clearance aside from OFW Pass. Your official digital OFW identity is your OFW Pass. The successful submission and verification of your passport as well as the verification of your verified employment contract are requirements for obtaining a verified OFW Pass. On the other side, the Exit Clearance is an additional feature of your OFW Pass that you can easily apply for so that you can use it as a legitimate exit pass when you leave the Philippines for your place of employment.


The OFW Pass offers more easily accessible, affordable, and effective services, which represents a considerable improvement in the OFW experience. The OFW Pass makes certain that OFWs are not left behind as we transition to a digital future. The OFW Pass allows OFWs to completely submit their applications using the user-friendly DMW Mobile App, avoiding time-consuming onsite procedures.

Although the DMW Mobile App is primarily intended for use by OFWs, it also offers useful features for other stakeholders, including employers and governmental organizations. The OEC is not instantly declared invalid by the existence of the OFW Pass, but its eventual phase-out is intended to create room for a more productive, digital future.

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