POEA E Registration DMW eReg Online Login Portal

The DMW eRegistration Portal Online, formerly known as the POEA eRegistration online or eReg Portal, is an online registration system offered and managed by the newly launched Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) via the DMW Portal Online. It is essentially an OFW tracking system created by POEA and later renamed to reflect the new department. It is also a database meant to store all information related to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and would-be OFWs who wish to work abroad, including but not limited to overseas job vacancies, OFW application tracking, contract viewing, and Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) application

Signing up at the DMW eRegistration Portal Online is a mandatory requirement for all OFWs—sea-based or land-based—as well as aspiring overseas workers. It is meant to be the 24/7 web-based portal that will make it easier for Filipino migrant workers to register for and avail of the services of the department tasked to serve and protect the Philippines’ Modern-Day Heroes—the OFWs. In this guide, we listed the complete steps for the DMW eRegistration in hopes that it will help you complete the process as painlessly as you possibly can.

What is the DMW Portal Online (formerly POEA eRegistration Portal)

The DMW Portal Online is a  web-based portal meant to make the registration process for overseas employment easier, faster, and more convenient for OFWs and would-be OFWs. It was formerly known as the POEA eRegistration System but was later renamed to reflect the name of the newly created department for OFWs—the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW). 

The DMW Portal was also designed to carry out the goals of the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW)—a new government agency formed from the merger of seven (7) different agencies supporting OFWs, namely:

Sections of the DMW Portal Online

Accessing the DMW Online Portal offers access to these different sections and services:  

DMW eRegistration Portal Online

The first section in the DMW Portal is the DMW eRegistration System. As the name implies, this section offers an online registration system portal for all OFWs—regardless if they are first-time candidates, experienced OFWs, or returning OFWs. Through this portal, DMW makes it easy for OFWs and would-be OFWs to comply with the mandatory requirement to sign up and register on the “Balik Manggagawa” system.

The DMW eRegistration Portal is only one of the many functions of the DMW Portal. It was created as an online alternative to OFW registration in hopes of improving efficiency and reducing the time and effort required in completing the process.

DMW HelpDesk

The DMW Online Portal also offers a DMW HelpDesk section—a one-stop-shop meant to address all system-related difficulties related to the portal. Through the DMW Helpdesk, OFWs may change their registered email address, make corrections to their system information including their name, birthdate, and gender, or connect their old POEA records to the new DMW account records.

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To do so, OFWs simply need to click “Create Ticket” and key in their concerns before clicking Submit. Once the Helpdesk ticket is created, OFWs may click “Inquire Ticket” to check on updates or responses. 

Note: Only one ticket per person is allowed.

Setting Appointments

Through the DMW portal’s “Appointment” section, OFW users can set appointments to visit either the DMW (formerly POEA) Central Office, Regional Centers, and Satellite Offices. Doing so will help you save time and ensure that you and your concerns will be entertained in your preferred office location at your convenience.

Online Jobfair

The DMW also holds online job fairs on a regular basis and this can be accessed via the DMW Portal. Through the DMV online jobfair, OFWs and aspiring OFWs may apply for jobs with the DMW partner agencies. 

For more information regarding event announcements, OFWs may check the DMW’s website or their social media accounts regularly.

Functions of the DMW eRegistration Portal

The DMW eRegistration Portal Online offers a web-based application form that OFWs can accomplish to initiate the OFW registration process. The form will then be reviewed by the department for approval. Once approved, the applicant will be notified that they can already proceed with the registration procedures for overseas employment. 

Aside from being a convenient OFW registration system online, the DMW eRegistration Portal Online also offers the following functions:

  • provide information on job vacancies in other countries
  • provide information on job vacancies at DMW-licensed recruitment agencies
  • notify applicants of job application status
  • verify the status of transactions
  • collect processing fees
  • accept requests to register principals or employers
  • accept Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) applications 
  • provide options for employment contracts viewing

Benefits of Using the DMW eRegistration Portal Online

Using the DMW eRegistration Portal Online can offer numerous benefits to OFWs. Such benefits include:

  • Saving time from physically visiting the DMW/POEA or DOLE office to submit an online application for OFWs
  • Enables OFWs to receive their registration number ASAP without having to leave the comforts of their homes
  • Securely register for an OFW account via the DMW eRegistration Portal
  • Securely update and save OFW information to avoid fraud
  • Mobile-friendly access to OFW registration
  • Convenient processing of online application, fees payment, and release of registration number

How to Register in DMW eRegistration Portal Online

With these benefits and more on offer, we’re sure you’re already raring to get started with your DMW e-Registration. 

Here’s a complete guide on how you can complete your online registration application:

Qualifications for DMW eRegistration Online

To be eligible to register via the DMW eRegistration Portal Online, you must satisfy the following criteria:   

  • Be an aspiring OFW;
  • Be a current or returning OFW, land-based or sea-based

Requirements for Registering via DMW eRegistration Portal Online

Once you meet the qualifying requirements, here are the things you need to prepare to register via DMW eRegistration Portal:

  • a smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer, and 
  • Stable Internet access

Furthermore, check that the following documents are available:

  • Scanned copy of a passport-sized photo (2″ x 2″) (max 2mb)
  • Scanned copy of the first page of your Philippine passport
  • An active email address
  • Educational or Training Certificates
  • NBI Clearance
  • Medical Certificate
  • Valid copy of any of the following photo IDs
    • SSS ID
    • UMID
    • OWWA ID
    • PhilHealth ID
    • Pag-IBIG ID
    • Seaman’s Book
  • The following information is also required:

Note: We recommend using a computer instead of a smartphone as the system is not optimized for mobile devices. That said the texts become very tiny, and the navigation can become difficult. Nevertheless, the portal comes with options to zoom so you can still use your mobile devices if you do not have a computer.

Registration Procedures for the DMW eRegistration Portal Online

  1. Register and activate your account.
    • Visit the DMW/POEA e-Registration website. 
    • Click the “Register” button.
    • Once you see the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement page, read it and select “I Accept Terms of Use”.
    • Fill in your personal information including:
      • Name
      • gender
      • Email address
      • date of birth
      • passport number
      • passport expiry date.  
    • Hit “Register” after finishing the form and you will see a notification saying that your registration is successful. 
    • Check your email and using the initial password sent to you, log into your DMW account for the first time. 
    • Create a new password when prompted and confirm your password by clicking “Change password”.
  2. Upload your profile picture and passport.
    • Once logged in, click “Attach Profile Picture” to open the upload-photo window. 
    • Then, click “Choose File” to choose the picture you wish to use as your profile picture. Just make sure the photo meets the following criteria:
      • Passport Size
      • Less than 2 MB JPG/JPEG file
      • Clean and clear
    • Click “Upload.”
    • Click “Attach Passport” to attach a photocopy of the first page of your passport. 
    • Click “Upload” after choosing the photo from your device.
  3. Create your DMW profile.
    • Visit the “My Profile” tab on the left menu.
    • Key in your personal information as requested.
    • Then, click “Add New Identification”. 
    • Click “Upload” after choosing the photo from your device.
    • Under the “My Family” section, enter the personal details of your beneficiaries. 
    • Once done, click “Update Profile.” 
  4. Add your education information.
    • Click “My Profile” and select “My Education” on the left menu. 
    • Input your educational information including:
      • Educational attainment
        • Select the highest academic level you attained, and input the year you graduated. 
        • Select the school you attended and the major you studied. 
        • Enter the school names into the “Others” field if it doesn’t show up in the drop-down menu.
        • Hit “Save.”  
      • Certificates
        • In the “Certificates” section, upload your certificates, either from TESDA or from other educational institutions including the following information:
          • title
          • certificate number
          • issuing agency or institution
          • date of issuance
        • Once done, click “Save.”
      • Training
        • In the “Training” section, enter the details of the training you attended.
        • Hit “Save.”
      • Language
        • Under the “Language” section, enter the information on which languages you can speak.
        • Hit “Save.”
  5. Key in your work preference and experience.
    • Navigate to the “My Experience” tab on the left panel. 
    • Click “Add Preference.” 
    • Choose the class, position, industry, preferred country, and category.
    • Click “Add Experience.” 
    • Input your work details including the following:
    • Name of the company, 
      • Position
      • Dates of employment
      • Country
    • Note: If you are still employed, tick the box which says “Present Work.”
  6. Upload the required documents.
    • Visit the “My Documents” tab.
    • Select “Add Document.”
      • NBI clearance
      • Medical certificate
      • Police clearance
    • Choose the document type, enter the issue and expiry date. 
    • Hit “Save.” 
  7. View and print your DMW resume.
    • Click the “My Resume” tab to view your information sheet. 
    • Click the “Print Resume” button to print your DMW resume.

How to Update Your Profile and Other Details in the DMW Online Service Portal?

Once done with the registration, you may still update your profile. Simply follow these steps listed below:

  • Click “My Profile” at the left corner of the screen. 
  • Enter the correct details and update your profile.
  • Hit “Save.”

Make sure all information is accurate as this will be checked by the DMW, especially when applying for an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) for the first time.  

How to Apply for a Job via the DMW Online Service Portal

  • Via the Dashboard
    • Once logged in, you can see the open or available jobs on the Dashboard. 
    • Simply click “Apply now.”
  • Via the online Job fair
  • By qualifications alert
    • Go to “My Experience” tab. 
    • Enter your job preferences and the country where you intend to work. 
    • Wait for alerts or check your profile for available job vacancies.
  • By sending your resume to DMW-accredited recruitment agencies
    • Go to “My Resume.” 
    • Click “Print Resume.”
    • Send your resume to DMW-accredited agencies and wait for the results.

Watch! Registering via the DMW eRegistration Portal Online

To learn how to register for an account via DMW website, here’s a video guide from Youtube vlogger Paparanz Channel to help you out:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I change the email address I registered in my DMW account?

Yes, but not manually. The email address you registered in your DMW account will serve as your “permanent” login so it is encouraged to use an active email address. However, in case you have to, you may request for a change by submitting a ticket via the DMW Helpdesk.

To request for a change in your email address via the DMW Helpdesk, you may follow the procedures listed below:

  • Visit the DMW Online Services Portal.
  • Scroll down to the DMW Helpdesk and click “Create Ticket.”
  • Click “Continue” when you see the welcome greetings that read, “Welcome to Online HelpDesk.” 
  • Choose “Online Services eRegistration.”
  • Choose “Account Problem – Change account email address.”
  • Click “I forgot my eRegistration number and email address.”
  • Input your full name and birthday, then click “Find Ticket.”
  • Choose the DMW processing site closest to you.
  • Enter your contact number and the active email address you wish to use.
  • Attach the scanned copy of the first page of your passport, and click “Upload.”
  • Click “Submit Ticket” then choose “Yes” when prompted to confirm.
  • Save the Ticket Number for when you inquire for updates.

2. I entered my name / birth date / gender incorrectly when registering my DMW account. Can I still change this?

Yes, but just like when changing your registered email address, you will have to request the change to be done via the DMW Helpdesk. But, just in case you really need to update your personal information so it would reflect the correct data, you may follow the same steps as the one for changing the registered email. The only difference is when selecting your concern. You have to choose “Edit Account Problem – Name, Birthday, or Gender” then “I know my eRegistration number and email address.” Once done, key in your eRegistration number and email address then select a Processing Site near you. Do not forget to copy the Ticket Number after submitting the ticket, for when you inquire for updates later on.

3. I can’t log into my account because I forgot my eRegistration details. Is there any way to recover it?

Yes, but you will need to make the request via the DMW Helpdesk as well. To do so, simply follow the steps below: 

  • Visit the DMW Online Services Portal, DMW Helpdesk and click “Create Ticket.”
  • Click “Continue” when you see the greetings, “Welcome to Online HelpDesk.”
  • Select the service, “Online Services eRegistration” then select “Account Problem – I forgot my eRegistration details” when prompted for the issue.
  • Click “I forgot my eRegistration number and email address.”
  • Key in your full name and birthday, then click “Find Ticket.”
  • Select a Processing Site near you.
  • Input your contact number and a new email address.
  • Attach your passport copy page, and click “Upload.”
  • Click “Submit Ticket” and click “Yes” to confirm.
  • Save the Ticket Number for checking on the updates.

4. How do I migrate my account from the POEA eRegistration System to the DMW eRegistration Portal online?

You don’t have to do anything. Simply log into the DMW site using your POEA eRegistration System login details. If you have a POEA eReg account, chances are, the information have been migrated along with the system changes during the merging of the departments to create the DMW platform.

5. I have questions about the DMW eRegistration process. Who do I reach out to?

For any questions or concerns related to the DMW eRegistration and application process, you may reach out to DMW directly via the following contact information:

Department of Migrant Workers (DMW)
Office Address: Blas F. Ople Building, Ortigas Ave., Cor. EDSA Ave., Mandaluyong City
Hotlines: 8722-1144, 8722-1155
One Repatriation Center Hotline: 1348
Email Address: connect@dmw.gov.ph (general inquiry), feedback@dmw.gov.ph (feedback and suggestions)
Facebook Page: https://www facebook.com/dmw.gov.ph
Twitter: @DMWPHL


Current, returning, and prospective OFWs, whether land-based or sea-based, are all required to register and create an account on the DMW Online Services Portal.

The registration is mandatory in order to allow the government to keep track of the OFWs leaving the country. The portal also offers other services that OFWs might find helpful including applying for an OEC, producing an OEC exemption, scheduling an appointment with the DMW/POEA, and gaining access to other services available to OFWs.

With this guide, we hope that we have made clear how the DMW registration can be a simple process that has an immense impact on your life as an OFW. With the simpler, more convenient online process, we believe there’s no reason to dawdle with the registration. Register and create a DMW account today.

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