POPS-BaM Processing Guide Registration System for OFWs

One of the best things that Overseas Filipino Workers look forward to is coming home to their families and seeing their familiar faces. The thought of leaving the country again, on the other hand, is what they probably dread the most. Even worse, getting an exit clearance or an Overseas Employment Certificate is another stressful process that OFWs go through.

Obtaining your OEC can be challenging because there are usually long queues at the POEA office. The time it will take to finally get your OEC can also be frustrating with a limited days for your vacation in the Philippines. The good news is that you can now take advantage of the POEA Online Processing System for Balik-Manggagawa or POPS-BaM.

This simple guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of registering with POPS-BaM and how it really works. In case you didn’t know, POPS-BaM is the new Balik-Manggagawa or BM Online. Keep reading to understand what this new system is for and how you can benefit from it as an OFW.

pops-bam guide poea balik manggagawa processing system online

What is POPS-BaM?

POPS-BaM has replaced the old BM Online system which facilitates returning OFWs in getting their OECs online. It became the new BM Online in 2021 and allowed returning OFWs make OEC processing easier and faster. With a POPS-BaM account, there’s no need to visit the nearest POLO branch or POEA office to process your OEC.

This online service has been enhanced to help vacationing OFWs create their POEA records before returning to their country of employment. If you’re looking to access the platform through the Department of Migrant Workers’ Online Services Portal, just click this link here – https://onlineservices.dmw.gov.ph/OnlineServices.

With thousands of OFWs across the world, waiting lines for obtaining an OEC are usually very long. It’s even more challenging to process this document during holidays. Therefore, POEA established this online service in order to make things easier for returning OFWs. In fact, the goal is to quicken the process so that Filipino workers can already return to their country of employment.

Some of the advantages of this online processing system include avoid the hassles of commuting, save from transportation costs, and get your OEC at the comfort of your home. You don’t need to visit the POLO or POEA offices to process your papers.

To avail this online service, make sure to have your valid passport, valid work visa, and valid employment contract. Also, you need to be a returning OFW with the same employer and/or transferred to a new job, partially serves a current employer, or an undocumented OFW who partially served the same foreign employer.

How to Register for a POPS-BaM Account?

Before you obtain an OEC, you must create an account with POPS-BaM. To help you register, follow the steps below:

1. Visit the DMW Online Services Portal and then click Let’s Go.

2. You will see a pop-up bar, click Register.

3. Next is the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement, make sure to read and understand them before clicking the Accept button.

4. Fill out the online form and make sure all the details are correct before clicking Register.

5. Lastly, you’ll be asked to review your personal information. If there’s no error, click the Yes button.

How to Log in to Your POPS-BaM Acccount?

You will then receive an email with your temporary password in it. Use the password to log in to your new account and change it. Follow these easy steps below:

1. Click Let’s Go on the Online Services Portal. A pop-up will appear, put in your email and temporary password.

2. Create your new password.

3. Update your personal details under My Profile tab.

The online system will automatically match your personal details from your old BM Online account. The records will match within 24 hours of registration, so you need to wait for it.

Users who have existing BM accounts can sign up using the updated site POPS-BaM. Click this link http://www.poea.gov.ph to go to the POEA Online Services. Complete the e-Registration and read the modules for the Balik-Manggagawa. You’ll be redirected to another page for exit clearance application.

If you don’t have an existing BM account, proceed to registering a new account via https://onlineservices.dmw.gov.ph/OnlineServices/POEAOnline.aspx or simply search POEA Online Services and click let’s Go on the e-Registration section.

In case your information did not update automatically within 24 hours, you can visit the POEA help desk. Go t the Transfer Old BM Records and then manually match your old records to your new account by keying in your complete name and date of birth just like in your old OEC.

How to Set an OEC Appointment Online through POPS-BaM?

You are not qualified for OEC online processing if you haven’t registered with POEA or don’t have a valid work permit. Also, you are not allowed to obtain your OEC through POPS-BaM if you’ve recently changed your job site or employer. This only means that you have to process your OEC application at the POEA office.

However, before you visit the POEA office, you should schedule an appointment via the new online system. Here are the quick steps you need to follow:

1. Access your POPS-BaM account using the DMW Online Services Portal.

2. Click Balik Manggagawa on the dashboard.

3. If you have already entered all the required information, click Next. If not, an error message will appear.

4. Enter your flight details and click the Next button.

5. Type in your employer contract’s updated information on the contract page. Choose the right transaction type from the dropdown menu.

6. Choose a processing location on the appointment page. Make sure to choose the most convenient location for you.

7. Choose your preferred date and time on the following page.

8. Check your appointment details, then click Print Appointment. If there’s something you need to change, click Cancel Appointment in order to make a do-over.

How to Obtain an OEC Online Using POPS-BaM?

Now that you’ve registered with POPS-BaM, the next step is to obtain your OEC. But first, you need to meet some important requirements before proceeding with your OEC application. The OEC requirements include your work visa, existing POEA records, and old OEC with the same employer. If you don’t have these requirements, you are required to schedule an appointment to physically process your OEC at the POEA office.

To process your OEC using POPS-BaM, follow these simple steps:

1. Access your POPS-BaM account using the DMW Online Services Portal.

2. Click Balik Manggagawa on the dashboard located on the right side of your screen.

3. After entering all the required details, click Next. If there’s still some missing details, you will get an error message.

4. Enter your flight details and click the Next button.

5. Check all the details in your contract. The details will automatically appear if they are already recorded in the online system.

6. You will be asked two questions: Are you returning to this job site? Are you returning to this employer? If your answer is yes to both questions, you’ll be directed to the next page.

7. Your OEC will appear, make sure to copy and print the certificate.

Transferring Old BM Online Records to the New POPS-BaM System

Since POPS-BaM is the new platform that OFWs will use to obtain their OECs, it’s important to create a POPS-BaM account. In one day, the new details will sync with the old BM Online credentials. In case it didn’t sync after 24 hours, an action can be initiated with the platform in order to check the transfer and fast-track it.

If you’re not sure how to fast-track your transfer, here are the steps you should do:

1. Go to the Online Services Portal of DMW.

2. Scroll down and select POEA Helpdesk.

3. Click Transfer Old BM Records to proceed to the next page.

4. Enter all the required details on the form and click Find Record.

5. Your records will appear. Type in your e-Registration number located on your POPS-BaM account’s dashboard.

6. Finally, click Transfer Records to complete the process.

Video: Using POPS-BaM Online Account

Check out this video which illustrates a step-by-step guide on how to use the POPS-BaM online account:

Knowing how to properly use your POPS-BaM account can save you time and money, as well as help you process your OECs with ease. With these simple steps, you can now use POPS-BaM for any of your OFW needs! We hope this guide has been helpful and that it will make the transition to the new online system easier for everyone.


Obtaining an OEC is not that difficult if you know exactly what to do. Out with the old BM Online system, in with the new POPS-BaM platform. This means it’s now more convenient and easier to register and process your OEC online. With this convenient platform, you can save your time and money while enjoying your vacation with the family here in the Philippines.

Whether you’re a first-time OFW or have been to different countries to work, this short guide is here to walk you through the entire process of registering with POPS-BaM without any hassle. If you have questions and other concerns, don’t hesitate to visit the DMW Helpdesk. To get assistance, click Create Ticket so that you can send in your questions.

Technology is indeed making our lives even better and more comfortable with online transactions available right at your fingertips. So, are you ready to get your exit clearance? Check out this guide and just follow the steps!

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