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If you’re an Overseas Filipino Worker in Taiwan, specifically in Taichung, you should know the importance of renewing your OWWA membership and how to process it. You can head to the MECO Labor Center located in Taichung City in order to learn how you can renew your account and settle all the fees.

MECO-Taichung is basically an extension office of the Manila Economic and Cultural Office in the city. It serves as the Philippine Embassy in Taiwan where you can process government accounts including SSS, DOLE, POLO, Consular, and Pag-IBIG services. In 1975, it was established under Philippine laws as a non-stock, non-profit private corporation.

Moreover, the main duty of the MECO Labor Center is to protect and promote the interests and rights of every OFW in Taiwan according to Taiwanese and Philippine laws, labor contracts, and policies. With its training programs, information dissemination, and other related services, OFWs enjoy the welfare benefits that they deserve.

owwa membership renewal in Taichung taiwan

Requirements for OWWA in Taichung

Renewing your account comes with a lot of OWWA benefits including social benefits during challenging times. Generally, you need to provide proof of active employment in order to renew your OWWA. Renewal must be done every two years so that you can continue getting covered for emergency financial assistance and other programs.

No matter your contract duration, recruitment agency, location, or change of employer, you automatically get two years of validity after renewing your OWWA account. Make sure you have the following requirements before you decide to visit MECO-Taichung to process your renewal:

  • Duly accomplished OWWA Membership Form or OFW Information Sheet
  • Photocopy of a valid Philippine passport including the full name, signature, and photo
  • Copy of the Certificate of Employment or Employment Contract
  • Copy of the Alien Registration Card or ARC
  • Payment for the membership fee and other contributions

OWWA Fees and Payment Process

The OWWA membership fee in Taiwan is NT$ 758 or less depending on the monthly average equivalent rate of US$ 25. You may also pay other government contributions at the MECO office such as your Pag-Ibig, SSS, and Consular services. With a minimum amount of contribution, you can enjoy many benefits and programs as an active OWWA member.

When paying your contribution, you need to secure all the required documents that will be received at the OWWA counter. Once your requirements are processed, you will be directed to the payment counter in order to settle the fee. After that, your official receipt for account renewal will be released at the same window. Make sure to keep the receipt in case you will need it for future reference.

Procedure for Getting OWWA Taichung Appointment Online

While some OFWs may have successfully processed their OWWA renewal without getting an appointment, it’s strongly recommended to check out with MECO whether they require an appointment or not. This will expedite the whole process so you can easily renew your account. To schedule an OWWA appointment in the MECO Labor Center in Taichung, here are some steps to follow:

Step 1: Check out the Facebook page of the Manila Economic and Cultural Office in order to find out where there are available slots for appointment.

Step 2: If there are available appointments, choose your time and date and contact the OWWA-Taichung office to confirm your preferred appointment. You can make a reservation through these numbers: 04 2322-8836 ext. 252.

Step 3: Once you get a confirmed appointment, make a copy of the confirmation and bring it with you when visiting the office. You may be asked to present your booking at the gate to allow you inside the premises.

Make sure your appointment date has been scheduled by MECO and you have the requirements before going to the office to process your renewal.

How to Renew OWWA Membership in Taichung, Taiwan

Now that you have a confirmed appointment with the MECO-Taichung office, you can renew your OWWA account on the said date. Remember that personal appearance is required for the processing of renewal and application. Here are the steps for renewing OWWA in the MECO extension office in Taichung:

Step 1: Bring a copy of your scheduled appointment and show it to the security officer at the gate in order to enter the premises.

Step 2: Proceed to the OWWA window and submit your requirements for the verification process.

Step 3: Pay the contribution amount and other fees that you may need to settle.

Step 4: After paying the processing costs, get the official receipt to be released at the payment counter.

Video: Renewal of My OWWA Membership at Taichung, Taiwan

In this video, you will get all the information you need to renew your OWWA account in MECO Taiwan. It mentions the requirements, fees, and steps in applying for or renewing your account in Taichung if you’re an OFW based in the city. Watch until the end to see the personal experience of this OFW and learn how you can make your own processing experience much more convenient for you during your scheduled visit.


By knowing all this information on how to process your OWWA membership application or renewal in Taichung, you can have a fast and hassle-free experience. To ensure you will be accommodated in the MECO office during your visit, you can get an appointment online or contact them via their Facebook page or contact number.

Becoming an active member gives you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits, programs, services, and other activities prepared by OWWA for OFWs around the world. It also allows you to apply for financial assistance in case you have emergency bills. You and your qualified dependents may also avail of scholarships and financial grants for students who meet certain qualifications.

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