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For Overseas Filipino Workers who are based in Nepal and are looking to maximize their government benefits, it’s important to prioritize applying for OWWA membership. There are so many OWWA benefits, programs, and services accessible to active members and qualified dependents. Once you have an account, you need to renew it to enjoy long-term benefits as an OFW. However, there are some qualifications and requirements you need to meet before processing your OWWA renewal.

Whether you want to improve your career or start a livelihood project, the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration has your back. This government agency even offers dependent education to help you achieve further training in your field. During employer-related conflicts, you can get legal assistance to ensure your rights are protected. For a reasonable membership fee, you can claim these benefits and other exclusive programs.

owwa membership renewal in Nepal

Requirements for OWWA in Nepal

From time to time, some Migrant Workers Office locations across the globe update their requirements. It’s important to contact the concerned office when processing your OWWA membership in order to see what you exactly need to do and what documents you need to submit. Generally, you need proof of continuous employment abroad to qualify for the application.

Remember to secure all the required documents to get your application processed by the concerned office. In Nepal, the following are the main requirements that OFWs need to complete to renew their OWWA account:

  • Proof of active employment such as company ID, Employment Contract, Certificate of Employment, residence or work permit, latest payslip, or any related document that confirms present employment abroad
  • Copy of a valid Philippine passport with the data page, signature, and photo
  • Duly accomplished OFW Information Sheet or OWWA Membership Form
  • Payment for the OWWA contribution fee equivalent to US$25

OWWA Fees and Payment Process

The amount you need to pay for the membership depends on the country where you are working. However, it is generally equal to US$25 converted to the local currency based on the current foreign exchange rate. For OFWs in Nepal, that would be the amount in NPR, so make sure to bring the exact amount during your OWWA appointment to enjoy faster transactions.

Before you can proceed to the payment counter if you’re processing on-site, or your chosen payment method if you paying online, you must get a confirmation from the OWWA representative that handled your requirements. Once approved, you can settle the membership fee based on the instructions given to you. Below are the steps when paying via the Consular Outreach Mission:

Step 1: Contact or visit the Philippine Consulate General office in Kathmandu or the Philippine Embassy in New Delhi to get information on how to get an appointment.

Step 2: After confirming the appointment date and time, print it and prepare the required documents. That you need to submit.

Step 3: Go to the concerned office during your appointment and proceed to the OWWA window.

Step 4: Present all the required documents for evaluation. Wait for the confirmation or approval.

Step 5: Once approved, go to the payment counter and pay the contribution fee. Make sure to get your renewal receipt before you leave.

Procedure for Getting OWWA Nepal Appointment

Like in some countries, Nepal also doesn’t have a dedicated MWO office and an online appointment portal for OWWA renewals or applications. However, you can reach out to the Philippine Consulate General office in Kathmandu, either via their official website or Facebook page, to get more information. Another option is to contact your recruitment agency to help you process your membership.

If you have time, you can visit the MWO offices in Saudi Arabia or Malaysia to renew your OWWA account. You can also get an OWWA appointment in the Philippines through the OWWA Regional office near you or at any DMW branch in your area. Make sure to contact the concerned office before you schedule an appointment or submit your applications to get the latest guidelines.

Your last option to get an OWWA appointment is through the Consular Outreach Mission which the Philippine Embassy in New Delhi will conduct according to their upcoming schedule. If you’re interested in this option, follow the official Facebook page of the Embassy in Nepal to get updates on when they are going to conduct the outreach mission.

How to Renew OWWA Membership in Nepal

With limited information accessible online on how OFWs can renew their OWWA status in Nepal, it’s more convenient to explore the features of the OWWA Mobile App. You can download it on your mobile device and create an account to register and make payments online using several accepted methods. As mentioned, you can also process your renewal in the Philippines via the OWWA Regional Office or DMW branch.

Always check if the concerned office is requiring an appointment or accepting walk-ins. It will save you a lot of time and effort while enjoying a smoother and faster transaction. If you’re not sure how to get started, you can contact the PCG office or the Philippine Embassy in New Delhi to get assistance. Regardless of the processing method you choose, you need to complete the requirements to avoid getting rejected.

Video: How to Renew Your OWWA Membership Online

In this video, you will get some helpful tips and actual steps on how to renew your OWWA membership using the mobile app and online payment methods. It’s a quick tutorial so it’s easy to understand and direct to the point. Perfect for first-time OFWs renewing their accounts.


You just learned how to process your OWWA membership in Nepal including all the requirements that you need to submit and the steps you need to do to pay the contribution fee. Now, you can enjoy the OWWA benefits, programs, and services that you need, especially during difficult times abroad. Keep in mind that you need to be actively working or show proof of present employment overseas to qualify for the membership.

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