OFW RISE Program: How to Apply

If you’re an Overseas Filipino Worker who has permanently returned to the Philippines or has been repatriated, you should consider applying for the OFW RISE Program. It aims to help OFWs acquire entrepreneurial skills through a training program. This will equip you with the knowledge and skills on how to run a business in the Philippines. The program also includes a step-by-step strategy for building a livelihood for OFWs who are aspiring to become successful businessmen.

Whether you’ve been affected by the recent health crisis or any employer-related problem that led to your repatriation, it’s important to upgrade your business abilities to achieve economic recovery and reintegration. The goal is to train OFW returnees regardless of their gender in strategic locations including quarantine facilities, terminals, or at the airport upon arrival. Familiarize yourself with the application process and explore great opportunities for starting your own business.

how to apply for ofw rise program

What is the OFW RISE Program?

The OFW Reintegration through Skills and Entrepreneurship (RISE) Program is a free training program initiated by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, the Department of Labor and Employment, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, Coca-Cola Philippines, and the Department of Trade and Industry’s Philippine Trade Training Center. This public-private joint project is implemented through the National Reintegration Center for OFWs.

With this free online training program, interested applicants can access information, resources, and opportunities in livelihood. You can learn how to become a businessman, make money, and grow your business in the long run. No need to pay anything to enroll in the training program as long as you meet the qualifications and requirements.


For returning or repatriated OFWs who are interested in applying for the OFW RISE Program, there are a few requirements to meet in order to be eligible for the free training. Generally, the program is designed for repatriated or returning OFWs due to the pandemic. It’s open for all eligible OFWs whether they are sea-based or land-based.

Keep in mind that the assistance is provided for eligible OFWs within the duration of their employment contracts abroad. Don’t hesitate to contact the relevant offices in order to get the latest information regarding the OFW RISE application requirements as well as the process that you will need to complete.

Benefits and Features

The OFW RISE Program offers a lot of benefits to eligible OFWs returning to the Philippines for good. Here are the things you will learn when you undergo the free training program:

  • DiskarTIPS
  • Livelihood Assistance Program Application
  • Business Coaching
  • Business Training

With private and government organizations that worked collaboratively for this project, there are excellent features of the OFW RISE Program that you should know. OWWA provides information and locations for the processing of preparation, activity schedules, and participant targeting. The TESDA, on the other hand, hosts OFW RISE online and issues electronic certificates for participants who have completed the training. There are required outputs and modules that OFWs need to complete based on the specifications of TESDA.

PTTC implements Negosyo Centers to help OFWs start their business through business coaching and growth assistance. DOLE advocates entrepreneurship through training and orientation programs to encourage returning OFWs to become successful business owners in the Philippines. They aim for fruitful reintegration in order to build a long-term livelihood for them and their families.

In partnership with Coca-Cola Philippines, OFW RISE also includes webinars for business trainers and program facilitators. This private company funds the printing and distribution of handbooks to OFW returnees. It also works with microfinance institutions in order to help participants obtain credit so they can execute their business plans.

How to Apply for the OFW RISE Program

The entrepreneurship course can be completed in four hours via edutainment format. Participants can access the course using their smartphones or mobile devices once they return home or in quarantine facilities. Check out these steps when applying for the OFW RISE Program:

Step 1: Go to your Facebook account and copy or type this URL in the browser: https://cokeurl.com/ofwrise.

Step 2: Click on the 42-second video and watch it until the end.

Step 3: After watching the explainer video, tap “Join the Program”.

Step 4: Read and accept the privacy terms by clicking on the I Agree button.

Step 5: Complete the required details in the OFW RISE Program application form.

Step 6: Wait until your application is confirmed or approved.

The OFW Rise Program application form can be downloaded online by going to this link: https://cokeurl.com/ofwrise. Some of the key information that you must provide in the online application include your complete name, residential home address in the Philippines, mobile number, email address, birth year, age, and education details.

Some important reminders when applying for the OFW RISE Program include receiving a tracking number through email or SMS to track the application status and claiming the kit from the OWWA Reintegration Officer at the Regional Welfare Offices or the OWWA House Parent located at the hotel. The assistance will be provided within the OFW’s contract duration, check the official Facebook page of OFW RISE to get more information.

Video: TESDA Free Online Course for OFW – OFW RISE PROGRAM ng TESDA Online Program

In this video, you will find everything you need to know about the OFW RISE Program. You will learn how to get this free online course and become an entrepreneur with a successful business in the Philippines as a repatriated OFW.



There are so many repatriated OFWs in the Philippines who need assistance from the government in terms of livelihood. Therefore, the OFW RISE Program is an excellent way to help them start their own business and build a stable source of income as they return home for good. If you’re an OFW returnee who has been affected by the health crisis, you can apply for the training program and get all the support you need to carry out your business plan.

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