How to Access OFW Lounge in NAIA Terminal 1 & 3

The OFW Lounge is set up by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration and the Department of Migrant Workers together with the Manila International Airport Authority to provide a designated place for OFWs at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The said lounge is located at NAIA Terminals 1 and 3 to help Overseas Filipino migrant workers relax and feel comfortable during their waiting time at the airport.

Moreover, the OFW Lounge is designed to offer excellent amenities including cozy seats, power outlets, charging docks, Wi-Fi access, and other services to cater to the needs of OFWs before their flight. The information desk will address all concerns and questions from OFWs so they can have a hassle-free trip. The goal is to make these modern-day heroes experience the VIP services that they deserve.

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OFWs play a key role in the economic growth of the Philippines. Their remittances support our country’s finances while contributing greatly towards our economy. The work that every OFW renders in their host country gives them valuable skills which is advantageous for our country’s workforce as well.

As an OWWA initiative project, the OFW Lounge is designed to provide VIP lounge services so OFWs are comfortable as they wait for their departure. In addition to its amenities, the lounge also promotes a community for Filipino migrant workers wherein they can connect and access resources, information, and tips related to working abroad.

Here are the benefits of having the OFW lounge at the airport:

  • Enjoy comfortable seating and a fast Wi-Fi connection.
  • Use multiple power outlets and charging docks.
  • Get helpful tips and resources for overseas employment.
  • Cozy setup for relaxation while waiting for boarding.

The spacious sofa and availability of charging docks are important so OFWs can charge their phones while waiting to board the plane. In case their flights are canceled, they can stay at the lounge and get updates from the information desk regarding their flights. The staff is always ready to assist you with your concerns, inquiries, and other related needs.

What to Expect at the OFW Lounge

When you visit the new OFW Lounge at the NAIA Terminal 1 and 3, you will immediately feel the relaxing ambiance of the space. You can maximize your phone use and other gadgets with the charging docks, power outlets, and free internet connection. Get some good rest with the comfortable seating design.

If you have questions regarding your flight, you can proceed to the information desk and get a quick response from the staff. The online community is also helpful in terms of connecting with fellow OFWs so you can meet and learn from each other’s experiences abroad. You can also find a lot of resources and information that you may need.

Whether you’re arriving or leaving the country, you can enjoy the lounge services for OFWs at the NAIA Terminals 1 and 3. This exclusive waiting area will be a more common site in many airports in the Philippines, so expect more lounges to be built for our modern-day heroes.

How to Access the OFW Lounge in NAIA Airport

To ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience, follow these simple steps to access the OFW lounge at NAIA Terminals 1 and 3:

  1. Arrive at the Airport: Reach the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Make sure you have enough time before your flight to enjoy the lounge’s amenities.
  2. Locate the Lounge: For Terminal 1, head to the 4th floor, situated next to the pre-departure area. If you are at Terminal 3, the lounge is on the left side as you face the terminal.
  3. Present Your OFW Documents: Show your Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) or OFW e-card at the entrance of the lounge. These documents serve as proof of your OFW status.
  4. Enjoy the Lounge Services: Enter the lounge and take advantage of comfortable seating, fast Wi-Fi, charging docks, and a friendly atmosphere. You can also help yourself to a free cup of coffee.

Remember, the OFW Lounge is designed to make your travelling experience more comfortable and enjoyable. So, take some time to relax and unwind before your flight.

The sacrifices of all OFWs across the globe are honored by OWWA through the OFW Lounge. They leave their loved ones behind to look for better opportunities in foreign countries. Many of them suffer from homesickness, discrimination, and even language barriers. Imagine how much they must endure to provide a better life for their families back in the Philippines.

Having a safe space through the OFW Lounge at the NAIA will help them get the best comfort while waiting for their flight back to their host country. These modern-day heroes truly deserve VIP services that cannot equal the sacrifice they make for the country and their families. With a dedicated space that features amenities essential for OFWs, they can enjoy their journeys more.

The OFW Lounge is accessible for OFWs at the NAIA Terminal 1 and 3. The main purpose is to make travel experiences for OFWs more convenient and comfortable. For instance, flight delays and long layovers can be daunting, especially for first-time Filipino migrant workers. Therefore, the lounges at the NAIA will help them feel at home while waiting for their flights. More OFW lounges will be built in Philippine airports to ensure all OFWs get the best service.

To access the lounge at the NAIA Terminal 1, note that it is located on the 4th floor right next to the pre-departure area. On the other hand, the OFW Lounge at the NAIA Terminal 3 is situated on the left side if you’re facing the terminal. OFWs can grab a free coffee, charge their phones or laptops, relax on the sofa, and have a friendly chat with other OFWs in the lounge.

Video: OFW Lounge sa NAIA Terminal 3, Inaasahang Ilulunsad – MIAA

In this video, you will learn about the new OFW Lounge that the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration built to help OFWs at the airport stay comfortable and relaxed while dealing with delayed or canceled flights just like what happened on New Year’s Day this year.

Final Thoughts

The New Year’s Day fiasco where around 400 domestic and international flights at NAIA were affected by a glitch urged the establishment of the OFW Lounge in Philippine airports. The dedicated space will serve as a place for resting and relaxing while enduring flight delays and cancellations for OFWs. As more lounges for OFWs will be constructed across the Philippines, more modern-day heroes will enjoy their trips in and out of the country.

OFWs deserve nothing but love and appreciation for all the hard work they do away from their families. More initiatives like the OFW Lounge should be implemented to ease their lives, especially during their departure time at the NAIA or any other airports in the Philippines. Prioritizing their needs must be at the top of government officials’ minds. The more they feel appreciated, the better they can be in their jobs.

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